[AER] Baral, Chief of Compliance

My God, what are they smoking in R&D? Why the hell did it need both abilities?

This seems well worth testing in some kind of grixis Thirst Slaver shell, no? Add Yawgmoths will ando the storm card of your choice for a little added spice...

Is there any list that currently runs goblin electromancer in vintage. I know in Modern there is and this is going to be a MASSIVE get there because of its easier casting cost and the fact that that list wants to yard copies of cards and extra lands.

The number of decks this can go into or even create I think is limited mostly just by its legendary status. Reanimator really does come to mind as a list in this format with its free counters.

This is way better than Curious Homunculus. Wow. Blocks Pyro/Factory/Revoker too. Great card.
Although I really don't know if reducing cost of spells in Vintage is actually relevant right now. It's good that is has the second ability, since that makes him playable.

I'm gonna run 4 Mana Leak in Vintage again. Hell I might just run this guy with Arcane Denial. Draw 4 pitch 1 for U. Seems legit.

I hear this guy has been running around with snapcaster mage causing all sorts of trouble, ancient grudging all the things.


I guess they figured blue was on the decline so the color needed a new card to jump it way ahead in the race again.

This card is rocket fuel.

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So Baral and Leovold were sitting in a bar.....Jace who?

This is R&Ds response to Randy Buehler's incessant complaining about "sphere" effects.

"Yeah, of course it will reduces mana costs, Randy. But more importantly it will sift through your deck so you can play the spells you want to play! You're welcome, thanks for picking up the red phone and calling us directly."-DCI

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Don't get me wrong, this is a good card, but the cost reduction barely matters when not playing against Eldrazi and Shops. Only Time Walk, Treasure Cruise and Dig Through Time are affected by this. I think it will see some play but then fade.


Aren't those usually the bad matchups though.

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@gkraigher said in [AER] Baral, Chief of Compliance:


Aren't those usually the bad matchups though.

Yes, but if you're looking for something to play specifically against those decks, I can think of many other better options.

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If it makes anyone feel better, he is basically anti-Thalia. He removes her effect, gives you another, and beats her in combat.

@Water0 said in [AER] Baral, Chief of Compliance:

If it makes anyone feel better, he is basically anti-Thalia. He removes her effect, gives you another, and beats her in combat.

I think this is exactly it. Printing hate cards against hate cards. It's like poetry. It rhymes.

@MaximumCDawg "hate cards against hate cards" - so, 'love cards'? 🙂

It's what the world needs in 2017!

Ancillary Chalice of the Void combo as well.

Is this really any help against spheres? It's legendary so they just play another sphere. And it doesn't help you cast moxen through spheres either.

As for Thalia they just wait till they get jitte or swords or large eldrazi.

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It has proactive benefit as well.

Reduces the cost of Tinker, DDT, TC, Timewalk, Wheels, hard casted force of will, yawgs will, dismember (makes it free), ancient grudge. All relevant cards, all can literally be in the same deck, and its discard ability helps you power them up or pay for some of them to be cast in even easier fashion. It does a whole lot of stuff for a properly tuned list basically just short of being a wincon itself.

@benjamin_berry it will not be impacted by Thorn of amethyst and anihiliates this thorn effect. This is huge. It's legendary so what? if you counter something you can get ride of another copy. You probably won't be playing 4 of this guy.
Reducing 1 sphere effect is HUGE! Many games are 1 mana close. By playing this you get "1 extra mana" which is totally awesome. As a cool side effect, it blocks phryexian revoker pretty well...

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