[AER] "Inspirational Statue"

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"Non-artifact spells you cast have Improvise."

I'm not sure if this is that strong since it doesn't work for artifacts, but I feel like this is the format where this could do something crazy.

Yup I like the look of this one too - perhaps good enough if a five-colour shops deck ever raises from the ashes. I think the major bummer about it, is that it only gives you generic, not colourless mana. Would have been great for Shops decks to power out Eldrazi otherwise.

Maybe they still can, if they want access to the older titans that don't require strictly colourless.

@sodoyouwearacape How exactly does this help with being colored? Improvise isn't exactly like Convoke in that you can only pay for generic as you mentioned.

@Water0 It. It doesnt help hugely - but what other deck would you put this in other than five-colour shops? It costs three to cast, needs lots of artefacts to be good and can only help cast non-artefact spells. Most non-artefact spells are coloured.

The alternative would be running it in a shops deck that wants to power out stuff like All is Dust, Karn Liberated or Ugin....now, that could be pretty fun!

@sodoyouwearacape I know from experience that Ugin is just plain nuts (I use him in legacy MUD), and I think that's where you want to go with this.

@Water0 Wish we still had unrestricted Chalice....would be strong in this notional deck....

@sodoyouwearacape I don't know if this is going to help, but someone mentioned Tiny Robots another thread; and this could help them cast something. Tap all your myr tokens from Genesis Chamber and cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn? I like the sound of that.

@Water0 Gaea's Cradle is legal. In 36 Chamber / Torture Chamber it can get pretty bonkers. I've cast Biorhythm on turn 2.

@nedleeds I do realise that, but you don't always have the Cradle. This could, in theory, make the deck a lot more explosive and more like a combo deck than the sort of aggro/value deck it is now.

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