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Industrial Tower
T: Add ◊ to your mana pool.
T, pay 1 life: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Activate this ability only when you control an artifact.

Hum, a juicy new 5c land. The greatest thing is that it also generates C and isn't turned off when you don't control any artifacts. Great card. 🙂

It's a six color land because of Eldrazi.

@fsecco This seems like a definite upgrade on Glimmervoid and definitely opens up room for coloured Eldrazi shenanigans, in a way Corrupted Crossroads didn't. Seems like a very strong printing over all. Anywhere Eldrazi or Affinity are a thing, it'll get played.

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Could this replace a plains or two in white Eldrazi as a white source that also casts thought knot seer?

Edit: thinking about this for a minute I think it's worse than a pain land at this job. 😕

It seems like a decent replacement for city of brass or mana confluence in non dredge rainbow decks, but there's not a lot of keeper around these days.

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Plains still have the benefit of being basics against wasteland and such, and in order for this to be on you need to have a null rod out which will not always be the case. It could play a role but I don't think that role is replacing the basics. Like you said, painlands are likely better.

That crashing and shattering noise you hear is the price of Glimmervoid.

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