Old School at Thirsty Bear brewery in San Francsico on January 14

We'll be holding a proper boozy Old School tournament on Saturday, January 14 at Thirsty Bear, 661 Howard St, San Francisco, CA. The venue will be the upstairs lounge area. Food and drinks available from the bar.

If you're interested in attending but aren't a member of the Bay Area Old School Facebook group, post here or shoot me a message and we'll get it sorted out.

Start time: 12pm.

Format: Swiss + 1, no top 8.

Legal sets/banned/restricted: http://www.eudogames.com/magic/161009-old-school-magic

We're taking votes among participants on whether to allow unrestricted Strip Mine and Workshop for this event. Voting is on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1683231675302411/ (only accessible if you are a member of the Bay Area Old School Facebook group).

Edit 1/7: Voting is closed and we will keep Workshop and Strip Mine restricted for this event, so the rules are per the Eudo link above.

Entry fee: bring an Old School card to contribute to the prize pool.

Prizes: whatever people bring. All participants will sign the prize cards.

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You mean the Eudo B&R from your link and not the one from their most recent Old School event, right?

So it's really 93/94 and not 95 (w/ Ice Age) like the last Eudo Old School?

Apologies if my refusal to use Facebook makes this question appear stupid.

@aahz Correct, no Ice Age. The link is to the Eudo rules from the last event before the one where Ice Age was permitted, which is what we'll use (assuming there's no electoral college surprise with the vote tally - keep both Strip Mine and Workshop restricted is currently in the lead).

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Had a great turnout with 14 participants and played 5 rounds. I linked an album of photos including most of the decks on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/oldschoolmtg/comments/5o7i80/photos_from_the_conference_of_the_society_of/

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