History of Vintage/Schools of Magic: 2004

Looking for some holiday reading? The latest chapter in the Schools of Magic series is here for you:



With this epic installment of his History of Vintage series, Stephen recounts the decks, tales of glory, and mighty tournament contests that defined Vintage in 2004. This was the year that Type I was rebranded as “Vintage,” the 2nd Type I Championship was held at GenCon, and witnessed the emergence of the StarCityGames Power Nine Series. It was also a fascinating year in which cards like Gifts Ungiven, Trinisphere, and Forbidden Orchard were printed, and in which Doomsday was unrestricted, and once again broke out with a mind-bending combo. This chapter reveals all this, and much more!

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YES. Finally. I've been waiting forever for you to continue this series! Hopefully now that the Gush book is finished you can go back to it more often! Thanks!

You are welcome! Please let me know what you think of this chapter. I am really happy with it from a narrative and aesthetic perspective. And I'm also glad to get this project rolling again. The challenge is writing something more cohesive than my "Year in Review" articles. I think you'll be happy with the result.

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