1. Library could be in the deck, replacing a Wasteland. I've thought about trying it.

  2. Mindbreak Trap is mediocre against Mentor decks, but I don't usually cut them.

  3. Four Gushes are going to improve the mirror and hurt against Shops and Outcome. That's a metagame call.

  4. Notion Thief costs 4, while Stony Silence costs 2. That's a huge difference.

  5. You fight to keep Stony Silence on the table. It's like defending a Rest in Peace against Dredge.

Yup, so much harder to deal with enchantments. I already fettled my bord to reflect this.

Great stuff Rich.

How much do you like that singleton Fragmentize sorcery & what are its main targets?

Would Wear // Tear provide more flexibility at instant speed?

What about a random Surgical Extraction instead? You are running multiple Waste, it probes at instant speed and removing Outcome, Mentor, Oath/Saheeli, or Bridge can often be back-breaking. And who knows it may turn-off the opponent from Delving, Spell masterying or Flashbacking since you're a better & luckier player than me! and you are running JVP for extra dream crushing

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Was it when Montolio beat you playing Reid Duke's deck in the Daily with Mentor Silence that you decided to switch to Mentor Silence? Haha

I think that the two Mindbreak Traps might be a bit overkill, though I can imagine that they do good work against Paradoxical Outcome.

Congrats on the win. This seems a lot like the deck you were on the last time we played. Have you evolved it much since then?

I really like Stony Silence a lot. I am wondering if you ever feel like the lower number of mana sources (in Moxen mostly) make the Workshop matchup harder?

Again, good job, and I wish I could have joined you. Perhaps one of the dailies today (Sunday) will fire before my son gets home.

Nice write-up on the deck. It's very similar to how I tweaked Joe Brennan's list to deal with the same problems, although I aimed a bit more at shops/hatebears matchups while still keeping the pet planeswalker in (I love Narset as a card even though she's probably not the best card to put in that slot).

Well done, Rich! I have been playing this deck a decent amount (I watch all Rich's streams) and I have had great success with the deck as well. I made top 8 of this same power 9 event with the same deck with a few changed sideboard cards. Rich beat me in the 4-1 round that got him in the top 8 and I got in on tiebreakers. My others losses were both to white Eldrazi.

The deck seems to have great matchups versus all other expected decks. Creatures plus mana denial seem to give this deck a lot of trouble, but that makes sense because the deck is tuned to beat combo, not creatures.

Thanks for all the great work!

Thanks for the feedback, Folks!

Joe, while fewer mana sources does make the Shops matchups a bit tougher, having Stony Silence helps immensely in that matchup.

Fragmentize maindeck hits Grids out of Paradoxical Outcome decks, and is often fine for hitting a Mox out of opposing Blue decks. Plus, we have 5 looting effects.

Wear/Tear has two main problems. First, costing more is a large drawback. Second, we are built so that we can mostly operate off two colors -- there are only four Red cards in the 75. So, if anything, I'd rather have Disenchant than Wear/Tear. And I do have a Disenchant in the sideboard, primarily so that Chalice is not game-ending.

Surgical is, in my opinion, too narrow and not powerful enough. I hate losing a full card for that sort of effect. Besides, that effect is much better with Snapcaster Mage than JVP.


How good is the card filtering aspect of tiny Jace #3 as opposed to having the power of gush #4? I haven't played much with tiny Jace and just wanted more input. In your experience does the ability to rebuy spells once jace flips worth the trade off?

The deck looks really good and I will be bringing a version of it to my next event.

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