"OK pussy face, it's your move."

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"OK pussy face, it's your move."

Your next playmat:


I do need to dip into Predator 2. But I think Gary Busey is first in line.

There's a Vintage event on the 22nd, if you're out here soon enough! 🙂 http://themanadrain.com/topic/935/1-22-vacaville-forgotten-path-games

I just moved to Mountain View in September. Hoping that Eudemonia is a good option though it might be too far away to be realistic for me. I played Legacy at CFB last month and it was fine but it ain't Vintage.

@DrStreetmention 4x brainstorm, 4x ponder, 4x lotus petal, 4x lion's eye diamond. What were they ever thinking?

Typically you will find that between Eudo and Forgotten Path, there are about 8-10 local vintage events per year (where local is within a two hour drive of the bay area).

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If there are enough people on the Peninsula (I'm in Palo Alto) I'll run unsanctioned Vintage at a local Brewery...

@Mith Free Wheel Brewing is right next to my new place. I thought seriously about proposing it as a vintage / old school meet up once i get settled in. Good pub grub, cask ales, and a large patio.

@Cambriel I'd be very interested in this. Maybe I need to throw together an Old School deck so I have options.

@DrStreetmention I pretty much just have power monolith at the moment, though I'm working on kobold jank as a fun list. There's a ton of fun old school stuff I feel bad about buying until i upgrade power.

Movers are showing up tomorrow. I'll throw an event together once I manage to dig cards out of boxes. 🙂

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