Moving out to Redwood City in January, and wondering where the best shops are for eternal constructed events. It looks like CFB will be the closest game store to me, but they only do legacy 2x monthly and no vintage at all.

Is Eudemonia in Berkeley my best bet? It's a bit of a drive, but for a monthly event it wouldn't be so bad. Maybe 45 minutes.


I would like to see a large annual event for the west coast and so at least you're one more for the possibility.

We have an embarrassment of riches in the Atlanta area that I'm really going to miss. 2 or 3 good legacy events per week, a monthly higher prize event, and a quarterly for power. Plus monthly sanctioned vintage.

I've heard finding events in Cali isn't difficult once you learn to look, but things aren't as organized.

There is a treasure horde of great magic stores in the Bay Area. There are more than ample places to play pre-releases, PTQs, and much more.

I try to organize about 4-6 Vintage tournaments at Eudo a year - and not more - because we want to keep it special enough that people will make the drive from more remote areas of the Bay (like San Jose, Vacaville, etc.). Although the Vacaville folks do organize events as well. There is a bay area eternal facebook group that tracks events.

I think there is a weekly Eudo Legacy event, and at least a monthly larger one, but I stopped playing Legacy with the advent of Vintage on MTGO.

To be honest, the real thing that has hurt paper Vintage at the local level, in my opinion, is the advent of Magic Online. With monthly big, competitive Vintage tournaments in the form of the Power NIne Challenge, the urgent need to have regular competition is greatly diminished in my opinion. Plus, daily events also fill the need for people who want to play Magic more frequently than that.

Hope to see you at Eudomonia in the near!

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Im right near Redwood City. We have a growing group of old school and Vintage players in the area and im always down to meet up and sling cards. DM me or hit me up on twitter 🙂

We'll miss a Vintage player leaving the local scene. Please trade us somebody from the bay to keep parity. I really think the monthly cadence for Vintage is about perfect. In Atlanta we tried to make unpowered players feel like they were getting a good deal and Team Tusk would put up unpowered prizes that were normally worth more than entry. The local store put up a general prize pool, and frankly didn't understand that the powered Vintage players weren't there for any value and just want to play sanctioned Vintage. I know it seems contrarian, but I think moving towards Sanctioned improves the paper play experience. There are several legit Tier 1.5 unpowered options now.

Don't worry about Legacy in the bay area, though these all look like they might be a drive for you.

Mondays at 7pm at Eudemonia in Berkeley (4 rounds)
Tuesdays at 7pm at Versus Games in the city (3 rounds)
Somewhere else does Wednesdays...
Thursdays at 7pm at Endgame in Oakland (3 rounds)
Somewhere else does Fridays or Saturdays, as well, I believe
Sundays at 1pm at Anime Imports in Pacifica (3-4 rounds)
CFB and Eudo do big events ~monthly or quarterly

As for Vintage, Eudemonia ~4-5 times per year and a few times at Forgotten Path in Vacaville.

Join the Bay Area Eternal (BAE) Facebook group for better, up-to-date info.

Fully agree w/ @nedleeds about sanctioned events being preferable to proxies. It has the advantage of feeling like a real game of Magic instead of the game genie version, and we've seen positive attendance as a result.

Thanks for all the info on the bay area folks. It sounds like I'll have a wealth of events to choose from, and Old School locally gives me an excuse to keep buying silly beta cards. 🙂

I visited Jaco over the holidays and he told me that Knights Ware actually has like 12 vintage decks on hand to lend out to people who want to play. I thought that was pretty cool.

And otherwise SoCal is like basically Trenton, NJ. It's nothing like the fairy tales we've been led to believe. It's not even warm. Koreatown was pretty alright though.

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@desolutionist My only experiences of LA have been hell. As far as I'm concerned Predator 2 was a documentary.

San Diego isn't so bad though. That's the sum total of my SoCal excursions.

"OK pussy face, it's your move."

@Cambriel said in Bay area vintage?:

@nedleeds said in Bay area vintage?:

"OK pussy face, it's your move."

Your next playmat:

I do need to dip into Predator 2. But I think Gary Busey is first in line.

There's a Vintage event on the 22nd, if you're out here soon enough! 🙂

I just moved to Mountain View in September. Hoping that Eudemonia is a good option though it might be too far away to be realistic for me. I played Legacy at CFB last month and it was fine but it ain't Vintage.

@DrStreetmention 4x brainstorm, 4x ponder, 4x lotus petal, 4x lion's eye diamond. What were they ever thinking?

Typically you will find that between Eudo and Forgotten Path, there are about 8-10 local vintage events per year (where local is within a two hour drive of the bay area).

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If there are enough people on the Peninsula (I'm in Palo Alto) I'll run unsanctioned Vintage at a local Brewery...

@Mith Free Wheel Brewing is right next to my new place. I thought seriously about proposing it as a vintage / old school meet up once i get settled in. Good pub grub, cask ales, and a large patio.

@Cambriel I'd be very interested in this. Maybe I need to throw together an Old School deck so I have options.

@DrStreetmention I pretty much just have power monolith at the moment, though I'm working on kobold jank as a fun list. There's a ton of fun old school stuff I feel bad about buying until i upgrade power.

Movers are showing up tomorrow. I'll throw an event together once I manage to dig cards out of boxes. 🙂

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