Unfortunately Im at work, so I will add the link later, its on Wotcs webpage, they revealed all the Masterpieces. Pretty simply put, MUD and Affinity in most of its various variations can now be fully Inventions/Masterpieces sans the Moxen, Black Lotus and Lands. Gonna have to start calling MUD something like GOLD hahaha.

As i, and probably a lot people, expected: Very relevant and powerful or flavorful cards with a lot of history in multiple formats, especially Vintage. I think a lot of the Artworks are quite wonderful, and some complement the unique border very well, however i would still just play non foil old border before those if i had the choice for Vintage...its a different story for casual decks like commander where bling can be quite cool in my opinion.

Yeah, jeez! I kept going down the list "yep, vintage playable." "Oh another one, and another one." "Wait, wow, this entire list is almost playable!" "And the ones that aren't I want for my cube. There are literally only 1-2 that I wouldn't be thrilled to have.

Oh wait, this is gonna get expensive......really expensive......thank goodness most are ONLY vintage playable.

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The new art for Meekstone looks awfully like a Thorn of Amethyst to me. It even has radiating blue energy spheres like the new art Sphere of Resistance.


Edit: Has been awhile since I've seen the original Meekstone art. Seems like a clear send up to that. Oops!

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Something that I just noticed... no Tangle Wire. It seems as though that may have helped with the supply issue on MTGO for Tangle Wire. It's the most expensive card in Shops on MTGO.

@ssasala Fading is a really inelegant mechanic, but I guess they have modular too.

@Serracollector said in Aether Revolt Masterpieces:

Gonna have to start calling MUD something like GOLD hahaha.

No kidding. Just a cursory look through all the Masterpieces, and if you look at every shops deck that was competitive over the last 2 years, you would need the following cards to rock consistent pimp status:

Tier 1:
Crucible of Worlds (x3-4)
Hangarback Walker (x2-3)
Mana Crypt (x1)
Sol Ring (X1)
Arcbound Ravager (x4)
Chalice of the Void (x1)
Sphere of Resistance (x4)
Trinisphere (x1)
Wurmcoil Engine (x2-3)

Tier 2:
Mana Vault (x1)
Sculpting Steel (x1)
Sword of Fire and Ice (x1-2)
Duplicant (x1-2)
Ensnaring Bridge (x2-4)
Sundering Titan (x1)
Pithing Needle (x2-3)
Steel Overseer (x4)

Chromatic Lantern (x1)
Lightning Greaves (x1-2)
Solemn Simulacrum (x1-2)
Defense Grid (x1-2)
Staff of Domination (x2-3)
Platinum Angel (x1)

Obviously not everyone needs these cards, but for the completists this could be a $3000-$5000 endeavor.

I know that $T4KS "The Four Thousand Dollars Solution" threshold was passed a long time ago for deck prices, but it's mind boggling to think that we could be closing in on a $T4KS $T25KS deck.

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Some of these are really beautiful. But for me the majority have a fatal flaw in that the style is too heavily a visual part of the entire line of artifacts. To me this makes it so it's both hard to easily identify artifacts from those that look kind of similar (the metal and aether is too consistently used throughout) and many of these don't do a very good job of illustrating what the actual card is. 2c

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