Vintage H.S.H.R. 2017 Season Open (Long Island, NY)

0_1483327416774_IMG_8038.PNG 2017 opens with a bang here at Fire and Dice!
Sunday the 29th will be our first of our HSHR (High Stakes High Rewards) Long Island tournament for the 2017 season. Which will culminate with our Season Championship in November 2017. Each month tournament winners will also qualify for free entry into the 2017 championships. Comprehensive deck lists and tournament reports will be featured on our new website. Each event will also have premiere Vintage staples guaranteed as prize support.
The January event is $30 and has a guaranteed NM Bazaar at 20 players plus additional prizes! Come and make Vintage Great Again only at A Store Of Fire And Dice!
486 Merrick Road.
Lynbrook, NY

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@FireAndDice looks great! I will be planning on attending

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