Noticed there isn't a place to sell things or post "looking for"s. Is this intended or something in the works?

SCG had a flat ban on buying/selling stuff on site. I don't want to necessarily continue that, but I need to consider my options really carefully when it comes to people's money changing hands - make sure I handle things in a way where people are safe, etc. I think we might add a buy/sell board in the future, but for now you could check out some of the facebook groups dedicated to that stuff

Also, prior to SCG owning TMD, we had a buy/sell board, but Zherbus shut it down due to problems - basically, he coudn't be bothered dealing with fall-out and complaints. Not to say we shouldn't go there, mind, but some caution is always wise.

Not only could I not be bothered, but I received some skeevy PM's about holding me and TMD accountable for their losses. Even though threats like that don't hold water, I had more important things in life than fending those off.

Instead of a buy/sell forum would a section dedicated to directing users to various buy/sell sites and maybe a write up of 'dos and donts' and pitfalls of buying online be better for the boards?

@Khahan - I have no problem with you making a thread like that in Community, I think it could be a good resource. In the future maybe we'll do some more dedicated buy/sell, but for the time being I don't want to deal with the problems Zherbus mentioned 😄

@Brass-Man No problem Brassman. May take a bit for me to get something together but I'll work on a post.

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