I got my first win off Baby Jace's ultimate this morning playing Mentor vs mono-brown "Uba Stax" with Ensnaring Bridge. My opponent landed an early bridge and I wasn't finding my sideboard, but Baby Jace kept ticking up (since I had nothing in my grave worth replaying). Eventually he hit 9. Strangest win I've ever had.

Has anyone else every ulted him in a competitive Vintage game? Has anyone else ever won that way?

@AmbivalentDuck That's awesome! (You unlocked a new lifetime badge!)

My wife plays Gush against me all the time. And she's switched to Joe Brennan's eternal weekend list (with a couple tweaks), she's gotten me with this ultimate a couple times. (But this is happening on a kitchen table.)

She's also got me with Narset ultimate (though I won through it by having Oath already out once), and my personal favorite, she ultimated Dack, then plused her baby Jace on my Emrakul to steal it. Brutal.

Congrats again. I but you're opponent was very surprised.

Dack only triggers on spells

@ajfirecracker Holy crap! I'm changing that game on the chalkboard!... eh... on second thought, doesn't really seem fair at this point, that was like a week ago now. Thanks for the heads up.

Anyways... Nice win on the Baby Jace, Duck.

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I've done it enough to think this thread is only a bit more valuable than one asking, "Has anyone won with Monastery Mentor dealing combat damage?"

Yeah it happens online probably as often as big Jace ultimate. Obviously not ideal, but sometimes it's just the easiest way to win a game.

Many times in many different shells. Before Dig through Time was restricted, I built a deck that won exclusively through either JVP or Dack emblems - you just chained JVPs, Gushes, and Digs until you had firm control of the game and no longer needed to minus JVP. In more conventional builds, this is how you beat the random Moats, Oaths, Slaughter Games, etc. that people try against your creature based win cons. Does it happen a lot? No...and I'm not sure a sarcastic replay is warranted @wappla. But it's definitely a path to victory that should be on your radar.

@Topical_Island How did she win with Jace's ultimate if you have Emrakul in your deck?

@fsecco no no... She ultimated Dack and used Baby Jave to -2/-0 my Emrakul and target it and steal it... I have however, recently been informed that Dack's ultimate only works with spells, not abilities. I've been hoodwinked!

Clearly I only have a tenuous grasp on the rules of this game...

@desolutionist said in Baby Jace's Ultimate:

Yeah it happens online probably as often as big Jace ultimate. Obviously not ideal, but sometimes it's just the easiest way to win a game.

I guess what surprises me is that Jace TMS's fatesealing helps maintain control of the game while you tick it up. Jace VP's +1 is markedly less useful in comparison. Jace TMS's ultimate is also much much stronger since it doesn't require you to play 8-ish spells to win after the board state more or less stalemates.

Yeah I've done it. And I haven't played JVP nearly as much as everyone else. That ultimate isn't why you're playing the card, but in some situations it works very well. And it's really easy to win with too, just chain a few cantrips and call it a day.

@ChubbyRain there was zero sarcasm in my reply; I had to make room for the snideness.

@fsecco said in Baby Jace's Ultimate:

@Topical_Island How did she win with Jace's ultimate if you have Emrakul in your deck?

You basically have to mill and then Ancestral your opponent with the Emrakul trigger on the stack (Emrakul is a triggered ability, not a replacement effect). Difficult, but doable with creative use of instants - play sorceries until you hit Emrakul, then spam Gush, Swords, Counters and then Recall. Not sure if anyone has actually won a game with this though...

@ChubbyRain yeah... tough. But possible.

I have did have someone effectively win, by probing to see that I had both Dig and Cruise in hand with Emrakul, then Therapy naming Emrakul to make me shuffle my graveyard into my library and turning off the delve spells for a couple turns before they got way up on me... that was pretty slick.

I won many games with JVP's ultimate ability. Actually I've probably won more games with JVP's ultimate ability than with JTMS's ultimate ability (even if I would count all Legacy games). It happens more often than many players might think.

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