Top 4 at GP Chiba Vintage Side Event - Better Lucky Than Good

Hey guys, this is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a while. I made top 4 in the 72-man Vintage side event in GP Chiba with Oath, and I posted a tourney report on my friend's blog - I thought some people here might be interested in reading it.

Hey. Welcome to the Mana Drain. Great report. I love the game against Mono-Red, that sounds pretty brutal. Glad to have you around.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the report! I had a blast playing in Japan despite going 3-3. Met some cool folks from around the world.

Good job man. I'm a little surprised nobody knew you were on Oath by the top eight, but I agree you're much better off if your opponent doesn't know you're going to slam a Griselbrand down their throat.

Your deck seems very close to the one that made top eight in the Euro Champs, save just one Show and Tell instead of two. I liked Yves build and took a lot of inspiration from it in my own decks.

@nedleeds whoa, I didn't know you were there! The whole GP was great, actually. The food carts weren't that bad too. I had more gyudon over those three days than I've had in the past two years. Prizes could have been better I guess. The GP Hong Kong Vintage side event last year had a sick prize pool. Guaranteed foil Origins PW uncut sheet for the winner, and Legends packs for top 8. And there were only 11 players!

@Islandswamp Thanks! Yeah I mentioned it in the report. I ran 74 out of his 75 cards, and I would have played 75 if I had a second Show and Tell. The Library definitely did some work, though.

I think the Delver guy might have already known I was on Oath, but I tried to bluff anyway in case he didn't. The Mentor guy (the eventual winner btw) definitely knew.

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