Been a long time.. wich plattaform now?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section i just didnt find a better one. its been a long time since i played vintage on internet. after a research on the net i found cockatrice, woogerworks, apprentice but i dont know wich one is the one most of vintage players use. Can you guys help me ? wich of these is the platform poor people like me 😛 have to use in order to play vintage??? and where do i download the official version. please help this guy come back to the community! thanks.

cockatrice is the most popular.

@Khahan thanks buddie. i alredy got it. and i am on i waas expecting more than 500 users anyway... ill have to take it i guess.

Time of day has a big affect on # of users, though woogerworks is the most popular and has people on all thru the day. There's usually anywhere from 1-6 vintage games at a time and I rarely have to wait more than 3 mins or so for somebody to join a game I started.

I wish someone who is an expert at cockatrice could walk me through it. I'm a MWS veteran, but seemingly a cockatrice dunce.

@Topical_Island MWS players shouldn't have much problems with Cockatrice since it's very similar. At least the keyboard shortcuts were. There are some that are different. I wrote something about it 5 years ago. Anyway if you need help you can contact me. I can play a game with you and walk you through it.

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