October P9C Afterthoughts - URx Delver revisisited, Deck roles, Proactivity in Modern Vintage

Those who read the thread under my tournament report have probably read part 1. I wrote a follow up article later but it took a while to be published (because in the meantime there was also part 2, a Vintage Daily report). So here is part 3.

Afterthoughts part 3 -> http://puremtgo.com/articles/deck-roles-proactivity-modern-vintage-urw-delver-journey-part-3

The original report -> http://puremtgo.com/articles/power-nine-challenge-getting-consistent-another-top10-urw-delver


Afterthoughts part 1 -> http://puremtgo.com/articles/afterthoughts-october-power-nine-challenge-part-1

Great article and very interesting series! I hope you keep writing on the archetype 🙂

Have you considered adding the Wasteland package (1-3 maindeck Wastes and 1-3 in the board) to help disrupt certain strategies?

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@PeAcH Yes, I tried that several times because few people suggested that already. But it never worked for me in URx Delver deck in Vintage. (It does work in Legacy) Even with 2 Wastelands main deck I had problems with the mana I needed. I did not like it so I rather decided not to pursue this strategy further. I'm fine with singleton Strip Mine that can sometimes simply win the game (I wouldn't play without it). I tried running 3 Wastelands in a Mentor deck though and there it was fine. In the Mentor deck I could use it to play the Mentor and then Wasteland a land no problem. Here the land is really 'destroy target nonbasic land' that can't take up a land slot and is not worth it in my opinion. This deck usually operates on two lands that need to be Islands (and give access to red/white). Staring at Island and Wasteland when you need two colored sources is just horrible.

Wasteland is good against Shops and Dredge. I put Delver in my deck because of Shops and as many Containment Priests I could afford against Dredge. Both cards can do more damage than Wasteland against other decks as well (if you see what I wanted to say....^_^)

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

My experience with the land destruction effects in Delver decks is really really positive (combined with Null Rod in the side too), and I really like them more in Delver than in Mentor.

Despite LD strategy in this kind of decks seems totally natural (having some historic agro decks in mind) it seems it is not a common shared approach to Gush agro lately.

However, I am thinking of counting the Wastelands as spells, not lands, thus trying not to interfere with the blue land count. Wasteland is a great hoser vs. Dredge and MUD as you mention, so that's why I am thinking of bringing them in to fight both archetypes.

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