Lotus petal- time to set it free?

Lotus petal has been restricted damn near forever, and it's unrestriction seems like both a safe move and a smart move for budget players.

My only worry would be that it might make Mox opal too good and require restriction.

What do ya'll think?

There is a feature on the forums so that you can post a poll into the opening post.

I made a post a while back about the same thing. I 100% agree.

Can you walk me through how to make a poll. I guess I kinda knew that this could be done, but I'm honestly not that confident doing it.


if that isn't enough information, let me know and I'll add more detail. Note that you can only have a poll in a topic thread, and I'm not sure if you can go back and edit a poll once it's made, so we might need to make a new thread if we want a poll about this. If that happens, let me know and I can delete the old thread

@Brass-Man There's only one way to find out. Ok if I make a thread with some poll attached?

I don't know, with Paradoxical Outcome running around and playing Chrome Mox just to play another zero cost artifact that sometimes produces mana, Lotus Petal seems like a strict upgrade with almost no downside. I think it would be dangerous with unrestricted Mox Opal. It also might be a decent option in Mentor decks (maybe not a 4 of, but certainly 2-3 wouldn't be unreasonable to test).

I guess I'd need to understand what benefits it would actually bring to the table. Which "budget deck" would really benefit when all but a small handful of global tournaments allow at least 10 proxies? I can't remember any B&R decision being made with budgetary concerns in mind aside from Caw Blade Standard when Jace was everywhere.

I'm not explicitly arguing against a Lotus Petal unrestriction, but I will say there's no way it helps any budget decks more than it helps fully-powered combo decks. In the particular case of Lotus Petal, many budget lists would rather have a Simian/Elvish Spirit Guide anyway, and I've never seen a list with 8 of them.

There is no card on the restricted list that would be good for budget lists to see 4 of. They all help at least one powered deck more than any budget deck, which would hurt their relative position in the field.

@Brass-Man exactly. If there was some cumbersome rule like "you can play four lotus petals if you don't have any power in your deck" it could help, but that's never gonna happen.

@Brass-Man I suspect Chalice of the Void might help colorless Eldrazi more than it helps Shops if it was unrestricted again. But as much as I loved unrestricted Chalice of the Void, I am not ready to go back there.

Completely safe. Take off Lotus Petal, take off Windfall, take off Memory Jar, and take off Yawgmoth's Bargain.

(Combo would still not be good right now)

I'm uncertain what I'd cut in my 4-Barrel Rocket Launcher Outcome deck if I could run 3 more Petals. Maybe lands but Petal being ephemeral means something if the game goes past 1 turn. It feels wrong to unrestrict it but it's probably somewhere in the top 5-6 most safe to unrestrict pile.

Imperial Seal

and uh ........ Strip Mine

@Soly add chalice to your list just for good measure.

100% agree with Soly on this one. All those cards could be set free and Storm would still not be dominant. Derpstep, fluster, MBT, and taxers keep all that in check. The only "storm" cards dominating shit are Mentor and Gush.

@Serracollector joking aside, Mentor, yes, but only because it's unrestricted alongside Paradoxical Outcome, atm. Memory Jar should stay on the list as should petal and windfall. Bargain is long overdue to come off, though. Gush is popular but isn't the problem.

@Ten-Ten Gush has been a problem since it was unrestricted.

@vaughnbros as I remember, it took alot of convincing and a few new card printings for people to play Gush to where it is now. It took about three years for Gush to be where it is now.
At this point though, paradoxical outcome poses more of a problem than Gush ever did.
On topict though, Lotus petal coming off the list wouldn't help anyone except push the decks that are already doing well. (Someone already said it better than me earlier in the thread)

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@Ten-Ten The whole list needs to be reworked this is all on topic. Gush's arrival didnt come with immediate success because blue players still didnt understand that Lodestone was a game changing card. It had less to do with new printings and more to do with starting to play anti shops stuff outside of 1 hurkyls and 1 grudge. Bob Gush, probably the first successful Gush deck since its unrestriction played no "new" cards. Gush has dwarfed every other unrestriction in the past 6 years. Gifts, burning wish, thirst, all of them irrelevant because we have Gush. Petal will also be irrelevant because Gush is still there.

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Maybe there are things that blue players still don't understand... maybe we don't understand all sorts of things.

@vaughnbros so, monestary mentor, Dig through time and Treasure cruise had nothing to do with Gush's success?

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