RIW Monthly Vintage 12/11/2016

  • There were 10 players I played Paradoxical Outcome and went 3-2 and got 3rd place.
    Here is my list
    Black Lotus
    Mox Sapphire
    Mox Jet
    Mox Pearl
    Mox Emerald
    Mox Ruby
    Chome Mox
    3 Mox Opam
    3 Grim Monolith
    2 Voltaic Key
    4 Paradoxical Outcome
    3 Flutterstorm
    Sol Ring
    Mana Vault
    Mana Crypt
    Lotus Petal
    Candelabra of Tawnos
    Memory Jar
    Time Vault
    Time Walk
    Ancestral Recall
    Echoing Truth
    Merchant Scroll
    Brain Freeze
    Dramatic Reversal
    Hurklys Recall
    Wheel of Fortune
    Tendrils of Agony
    Vampiric Tutor
    Yawgmoth's Will
    Demonic Tutor
    Tolarian Academy
    4 Gemstone Mine
    4 Mana Confluence
    4 City of Brass

    Chain of Vapor
    2 Force of Will
    Nihil Spellbomb
    2 Abeyance
    Ancient Grudge
    3 Ingot Chewer
    2 Sudden Shock
    2 Abrupt Decay

    First Round - Mentor
    I did not get to see much of his deck but it looked like a fairly standard Mentor deck. I started out with some artifacts played a Mana Confluence a brainstorm and turn 2 I played a Tolarian Academy then passed planning on pushing for a go off the next turn. He plays a Ponder and stares at the board then shuffles. He flips a Strip Mine, and I think that I am essentially stuck. I rip a Yawg Will and play the Tolarian again then Brainstorm and go into combo from there. Game 2 I sided in 2 Abeyance and 2 Abrupt Decay. First turn I play a land and a Mox Opal and a Monolith and a Ruby and pass. He lays a land and Preordain. Turn 2 I go to push for a go off. I play a land and cast Abeyance, he counters and I counter his Force with a Flutterstorm and I miscounted and I have to wait to play the Paradoxical Outcome. I draw another Abeyance and cast that on my next turn and go full combo again.

    Second Round - 2 Card Monte
    This is a strange combo versus combo match up and it comes down to whoever goes first. I win the die roll and play 2 moxes and a land with a Lotus Petal and a Voltaic Key. He plays a Mishra's Workshop and Trinisphere. I play Tinker on my turn for a Time Vault with one open Mox and we go to game 2. He did not start with a very strong open and I am happy that he did not lock the board on my me. I play into a Timetwister and combo out from there for a turn one win.

    Third Round - Shop
    I did not get to see a lot of his deck but I do not think he was playing Cars shop. It was much more prison oriented. He wins the die roll and start turn one with Null Rod. I had 3 zero cast artifacts that tap for mana in hand with some card draw but I had a Hurkly's Recall. I play a land and Ancestral Recall then drop 3 moxes and pass. I had the next land for the Hurkly's but he drops a Sphere of Resistance and things just get worse from there. He drops a Revoker and Crucible then follows up with a Strip Mine. We go to game 2. I put in 3 Ingot Chewers and Ancient Grudge and Chain of Vapor. I had some zero drop mana in hand and did not play it all fearing a Revoker but that was a mistake. He plays a Sphere of Resistance and lays Lodestone on the next turn. I play my Ingot Chewer to kill the Lodestone but he gets 2 Revokers to stall my moxes and I loose to Tangle Wire.

    Fourth Round - Shop
    This one was Cars shop and way more aggro which I am ok with since I just win in a turn. I get 2 strong hands against him and I had the Hurkly's ready on his turn 2 to bounce his Sphere and something else then combo out on back to back.

    Fifth Round - Mentor
    I just never saw much business in either game. First game he had the Mental Misstep for the Ancestral and game 2 he had the Force of Will to stop the turn one Wheel of Fortune. I decided to play very aggressive since both my starting hands were weak and he would gain the advantage quick. He had Time Walk both games and baby Jace both games with Ancestral Recall both games. It was not going to happen for me.

    I finished 3-2 with really good tie breakers and I really like my main deck except for the Dramatic Reversal which tested well but never played well and I am unsure about Candelabra, which I am going to keep for now. My sideboard needs some help and I am going with Nature's Claim going forward over Ingot Chewer to get a more options. I am also going to add 2 or 3 Tormod's Crypt which would have really helped against recursion.

    Looking forward to next month's tournament, we had a blizzard so only 10 people came out I am hoping for at least 20 next month.