Any Vintage/Old School tournaments in Vegas or LA near the holidays?

I'm traveling to the US between December 20th and 30th. You guys know of any tournaments in Vegas or LA area during that time? Would love to play!

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I'll be in LA the 22nd through the 28th. I'm bringing my decks too so I'd love to play. And I've never been to LA before

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@JACO I saw that event here, but I won't be there on that date. I'll be in LA after Christmas. I don't want to bring a deck with me if I'm not 110% sure I'll use it though hehe. And I'd rather play a tournament instead of just a get together I guess.
If you guys hear of any Vintage or Old School events let me know 🙂

Well a friend of mine who I'm going to meet plays Vintage. So we've already got 4. If we could get 4-8 more maybe we could do a little "daily event"

@JACO This is the only time I'll be able to play paper Vintage until the next NYSE, because no one plays in Hawaii, so I'd very much like to play if you're up to it.

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So, I'm off to the US on Sunday... should I sleeve a deck? No way we'll have sanctioned events right? I mean, I wish I can travel with Collector's.

We are having our monthly vintage gathering at my place on the 22nd. We can sanction it if we get enough folks there.
I typically get 6-8 players locally so a couple out of towners would be cool.
We usually play a little old school too.
let me know.

@elusive Cool 🙂 And where is that, my friend? LA? I'll probably be on Vegas on that date =/

I get into LA at 11:00 pm on the 22nd

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last chance.
all are welcome but give me a heads up.

I ended up not bringing a deck, seeing how it wasn't a guaranteed thing. But thanks for your time and for the invite 🙂

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