Improvise (Your artifacts can help cast this spell. Each artifact you tap after you're done activating mana abilities pays for 1.)

So this new ability was spoiled along with the card Battle at the Bridge. I have no delusions that Battle at the Bridge will be playable, however I am curious about this ability. Besides the overly flavorful way they wrote it out, it seems like turning every single artifact you have into a mox could be powerful, but at the same time you are already running moxen so it really does not do much for decks where those are the only artifacts. The obvious deck where you would think to play something like this is shops, but it does not help with colored mana costs so thats an issue.

I suspect in legacy this is going to be a hit in affinity decks provided we get something they can use (thoughtcast 5-8 perhaps), but is the ability strong enough for vintage or just redundant with decks running moxen already?

This ability is really great with Sphere of Resistance, Thorn of Amethyst, and Null Rod.
Since the wording of this ability states that it is an alternate way of paying a cost rather than an alternate way of playing a spell it also works through Trinisphere.
There is obvious dis-synergy with the card Mishra's Workshop but coloured workshop decks and decks that play sphere effects without shops are potentially getting a major boost from this mechanic.
I suspect there will be cards with this mechanic that will see some Vintage play.
If there are any cards with Investigate that are at least semi-playable in Vintage that would also be another boon for Improvise.

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It also turns Moxen active when facing an opposing Null Rod. I'd say that if they make a spell that destroys artifacts and has Improvise, it's gonna see play.

It's a fixed affinity, isn't it? I doubt we'll see cards that are really good, since they are well aware of how powerful this mechanic can be. I think the best we can hope for are artifact versions of convoke cards. Like, for example, they could print Chord of Calling for Artifacts. I'm not sure that would be worth playing, honestly.

Some decks besides MUD can be interested in this effect, but not so much. How many artifacts are being played in vintage that don't give mana (and that are not going to be tapped commonly)? SDT, painter and grindstone, spellbombs, explosives, defense grid, key, null rod... besides all MUD cards, or artifact creatures if they are not attacking. And lotus can give mana this way without having to be sacrified!

So I can imagine painters, bomberman, paradoxical decks, but not lots of them. And they can only take small benefit. A fragmentize/claim with this effect can be good to get rid of stony silence, some tutor (those are combo decks). If they use the ability on an artifact card MUD will be interested for sure.

Eldrazi decks running thorn and rods will love this. They cast junk off non-shop lands anyway, and don't have much trouble splashing colors with Noble Heirarch or Urborg, Tomb anyway. If some good cards are spoiled with this mechanic, Eldrazi is the shell i see playing it.

It might be a very good way to deal with annoying null rods when playing paradoxical outome decks

the mechanic is definitely interesting but until we see the cards its on, I'm not going to hold my breath.

So, I guess they missed the opportunity of a good improvise card...

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Since I've been playing painters, i'm pretty interested in Improvise. While painter and grindstone are not completely dead themselves, it's interested that they can be used as moxen. Playing also trinket mage, other cards like explosives, cage, pithing, sdt... can provide further mana too. However I cannot find anything justifying an inclusion up to date, probably Whir of Invention being the closer (but I cannot support UUU in my current build). Release the gremlins is also interesting, but the cost is absurd against taxing decks, and slow against storm decks.

@xouman If Release the Gremlins had Improvise, it would be good enough for me.

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