Vintage Daily Stream TONIGHT - XL Dredge

Hey ya'll! @OriginalOestrus (Erin Campbell) is streaming Vintage Dredge tonight, and I'll be a guest on the stream helping co-pilot. We'll be playing @vaughnbros 75, so there should be some great games!

You can find the stream here:

You can find @vaughnbros article on the deck here:

Please come hang out, or, even better, join the daily! We'd love the daily to fire this week so we can have an exciting stream 🙂 Last week was super fun, we played several games in the casual room (daily didn't fire) and then switched over to Legacy dredge. But we just want to Bazaar - Go. It's the Dream.

Hope to see you there 🙂

  • Sarah / lesbimagical

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@Lesbimagical Thank you. Looking forward to watching. This should be listed under the Twitch section of this site? (He said in a wondering, trailing voice that faded into the empty space around him...)

Did anyone else watch this? Spoiler alert... Dredge takes down the first match, 2-1, against Vintage DragonStorm... (No not that Dragon, actual Dragonstorm with Seething Song)

@Topical_Island I have not watched it yet, but now I feel like I have to.

It was a glorious run! Congratulations on your first vintage tournament and I am looking forward to more vintage streams.

@Brass-Man It really feels like it's right up you're alley. I would have barely been surprised to see you stroll through the background of the feed holding a cocktail of some kind. The last match is really really cool to. I got sort of emotionally invested in this one. I can't remember the last time I was rooting that hard for someone to win a magic game.

@Topical_Island Now you've got me interested as well, going to have to go check this out!

@oufanforever Thanks! I was not the streamer and have played tournaments before haha, but it was Erin's first daily, and only 2nd time picking up the deck 😄

@Lesbimagical It was really cool to watch. Really put the joy in the game.

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