A Guide to Playing Pitch Dredge in Vintage


New article up, by popular demand.

One thing I would add is that according to @deibler the top Dredge result from Bazaar of Moxen in October was a Pitch Dredge variant, making it 6/6 in recent large events (in terms of out-placing anti-hate Dredge)

Nice article.

"Force of Will is just a card." Best quote.

Keeping Serum powder in with the transformation is interesting. I've found difficulty boarding out enough cards without cutting it, and it's low card quality off the top makes me prefer to board it out unless I'm all in.

Regarding keeping Serum Powder in with the transformation, @vaughnbros, I think with your list (at least the last XL dredge list you published) it makes less sense to keep in. @ajfirecracker's sideboard is entirely focused on the Depths plan (not to say the deck is post-board, but the SB is), so Powdering into that is a realistic option. Your sideboard, on the other hand, is less focused on drawing the Depths plan in the opener - and given that each piece is only a 2-of, with no hexmages, Powder is less likely to give you what you need. Plus, your keepable hands have a wider variety (if possibly not quantity) of cards - for example, in the match against LSV, double Force + Stripe Mine was a fine hand that doesn't have an equivalent in the purely transformational deck. Thus, removing cards that have positive utility to keep in cards that are only useful in the opener is a less sensible choice in XL.

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@Lesbimagical Yeah the different builds definitely alter the formula there.

@ajfirecracker Hey. I just want to thank you for this and your videos as well. You've really helped me understand Dredge a lot more deeply than I otherwise would have. I bet I'm not the only one. For what can be (I think) the most counterintuitive archetype, you do a great job of just walking through the choices logically. Great work.

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