MTGO March 2016 Power 9 Challenge

Grats to Andrew Markiton (montolio), Ryan and the rest of the top8!

Thanks for taking the trouble to make this analysis @diophan and @ChubbyRain. That breakdown looks like a pretty healthy metagame, with a few fortunate people making the apparently correct decision to play Oath.

Thanks so much for writing this up. And huge congratulations to Montolio!

Thanks for the data! Grats to top8!
It's good to have such a tournament around. It's always fun to follow results.. Even if I can't play it(7+ hours play starting at night don't work well for me).

Clearly, since Randy lost to Shops we should restrict LSG.

Seriously, awesome job to Montolio and the numbers look great.

Thanks, again, and keep it up!

Really awesome info, thanks guys for compiling this, especially so quickly. And really stoked for Montolio taking down the whole thing - a true MTGO Vintage warrior!

I hope results like this are actually something R&D cast a glance at when considering the B/R list. I hope....

Look forward to the next, even if I was roundly trounced this time round. Happy easter y'all.

Oath has won two of the Power Nine Challenges. I think that people writing that deck off are making a mistake.
Oath has a ton of crazy draws, turn one Orchard Mox Oath is relatively common. Add to that the fact that the deck has a positive match up against the most popular deck online, and it makes sense that it can occasionally spike an event.
I was trying to run one Omniscience as a way to play a bomb through Containment Priest, but I didn't have much luck with it and abandoned it. Looks like that's what won the event though. Nice work 🙂

Great report @diophan @ChubbyRain . I find your recaps always interesting,

Way to audible to Oath Andy and keep the DCI off the scent of shops ;). Grats.

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Thanks @diophan @ChubbyRain Great work!

I had considered an audible to Oath but had signed up in the morning and got back right at 2. Instead I got to contribute a 1-4 performance to the Shops record. 😕

I did inspire a "restrict LSG" tweet from Randy so that's something I guess.

Thanks for putting all this together guys!

Interesting to see the gradual decline in number of players month to month.

@spook That's not super surprising, the first few were always going to be a novelty with high turnouts, and this event was Easter weekend with a few big paper events, too. I expect to see the next few plateau or decline a little, but then the numbers to slowly go up over time, as more and more vintage players start realizing how awesome mtgo is 😄

Thank you @diophan @ChubbyRain for the work you've done for us.
Do you mind if I use the data in my report? (I would credit you of course).

Glad to see Managorger making an appearance on modo

@stsung I don't mind at all. It's meant to be a benefit to the community as this type of data is really hard to get in Vintage.

Good stuff guys and congrats to the Top 8 players!
Cant wait until April!

@diophan @ChubbyRain Thank you for effort and this precious data.
What exactly happened during last round vs Collecter? Seems like he was locked for Top8 but he dropped/ disconnected after 0-1 vs diophan ?
Even with 5-2 he was 6th :

Rank Name Points OMWP GWP OGWP

6 Collecter 15 0.6395 0.6250 0.5823
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@matori Yeah I was confused. I did not remember you get dropped from a tournament for inaction, so originally I thought he took an extended break to go do something and didn't care too much about top 8 seedings since modo doesn't use the play/draw rule. Unfortunately after it happened I saw that his name got greyed out and he was dropped. Someone told me afterwards that he was streaming. He was playing matches for fun and the P9 game window never blinked so he timed out. Pretty rough. We didn't count that match in the data, FWIW.

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