Afterthoughts of the October Power Nine Challenge - Part 1

The past two weeks were full of paper and online Vintage for me and I came to realize a few things that I would like to share. Some of you noticed that for P9C I misbuilt my deck. It is good to know that my deck wasn't optimal but not as important as knowing why it happened.

@stsung Really well played here. It's a great developed train of thought build explanation and it deals with the major concerns of the archetype that can help to any deckbuilder through extrapolating concepts.

I enjoyed it very much as I am currently in a URx Delver mood myself. Will try your P9 build today and get some feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to write this!

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@PeAcH Thank you for reading and commenting. I'd like to thank you also for standing up for me during some streams that featured me as an opponent or me on deck tech. Or rather for trying to point out that we are all players with different kind of approaches and that we have reasons to play certain decks or cards at certain tournaments or metagames. Everyone should reflect on why someone decided to play this or that card/deck or why they decided to take a certain line of play. While sometimes it will lead to figuring out that the player was wrong often it is not. We should not underestimate players nor their decks because sometimes we simply do not know who 'sits' in front of us.

@stsung I appreciate your approach to deckbuilding and list tunning. It's very interesting.

And I want to point out that every decision which has been meditated (and applied to a list for example) is right for the person taking it (who plays the decklist at a tournament) no matter if it does not appeal to other people. You have your motivation to play a card (and have the right to be wrong) because otherwise you would not play it 🙂 With time and analysis, you can come to the idea that the decision was not accurate. But it is your right to do so.

You are doing a great work for Vintage.

Keep it up because the format needs more people like you who share their point of view openly.


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I will admit I have not been able to read the entirety of the article yet because of deadlines, but the first half is amazing work.

Wappla and Socialize both have been heavy on the Jace, VP note. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it as well.

Thoroughly enjoyed the read and I'm looking forward to trying out the build. I should have an opportunity to run it in a small tournament this weekend. Keep up the great content.

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