[Old School Article] Blue-Red Aggro-Control & 2015 EW Tournament Report

Blue Red Aggro Control is one of the best strategies in 93/94 Old School, or so I argue here.

This is my tournament report with Blue-Red Aggro Control from 2015 Eternal Weekend. More importantly, it's a primer on the merits of UR Aggro-Control. Let me know what you think!


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I really enjoyed this article.

Great article! I speed read it earlier, but if you didn't address, was fellwar stone (alternative to city of brass and a little strip mine defense) consideration? Seem to help smooth mana, work well with some of your tools, and speed out some of your drops, or do you prefer to play the bombs slowly.

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Very nice article. I actually remember our game as well! Was quite enjoyable. I've played "The Deck" for the past few events, but maybe it's time to switch things up a bit...

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