[Old School] About unbanning Jeweled Bird and Bronze Tablet

So, for you Old School 93/94 players, I was looking at banned lists and realized we could easily errata this 2 cards and make them playable. Bronze Tablet would be an expensive Chaos Orb that could be Stifled by paying 10 life; Jeweled Bird would be a sort of Urza's Bauble to skip through you deck. I think it would be fun to allow those cards that almost never saw any play.

What do you guys think? Is Bird too powerful?

I would be against it. I don't like the idea of errata of that type and I don't think the format is lacking because of the omission of these types of effects.

I don't think it's "lacking", but I always loved to play those Jeweled Birds, just as I loved playing Chaos Orb. People errata'ed Orb just to be able to play it because it's fun, so I wouldn't oppose a Birds errata too. 🙂

@fsecco I guess my thing is that the orb is still working in generally the same way, while those changes make the cards work much differently

Want to make Jeweled Bird return a card from exile to your graveyard too? 😛 😛 😛

And Bronze Tablet works pretty much the same, since it exiles both cards unless the opponent pays 10 life.

@fsecco so the bird would just be exile jeweled bird draw a card?

@famdoola Could be that. I think the problem is that it would probably be too powerful and maybe restrictable. 😛
There's a case to be made to make Bird work like old Wishes, making it:

T: exile Jeweled Bird, then put a card from your exile into your graveyard. Draw a card.

or, to keep it even closer to the original text:

T: exile Jeweled Bird, then put all cards from your exile into your graveyard. Draw a card.

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How many cards get RFG in old school? 1-2 creatures a game if your opponent is playing StP? Or are you suggesting that Jeweled Bird act like a colorless Wish that puts cards in the yard instead of your hand?

@enderfall No no no that would be too powerful and totally out of Old Schools flavor. Exile and Sideboard are different zones. Getting a card back from exile wouldn't be that common, just an extra to get things back from Swords to Plowshares or Tormod's Crypt.

And as far as I know, the only one in Old School to get things out of the game is Ring of Ma'Ruf. But Ring acts more like a Wish - can't get cards exiled.

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Ok gotcha. So low impact overall. I don't know if the Swedes or the various US groups would adopt it, but local rules can always be revised.

@enderfall Yeah. I wonder if unrestricted Jeweled Bird would be a 4 of in every single deck though. Or if it would make Time Vault or Power Monolith combo way more powerful. I just love the card and would love to play it. Maybe it should be restricted.
I like the "return from exile" variant, since it make the card a little bit more strategic. Do you crack it now for the cantrip? Do you wait until something gets Plowed? Do you wait to see if your opponent plays Ashes to Ashes or Dust to Dust?

ps: it would probably be a way to make Reanimator better in the format. Anti-Tormod's Crypt!

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Wouldn't you need a card in exile in order for the exchange to be legal?

@enderfall Not if it's worded like this:

T: put all cards from your exile into your graveyard, then exile Jeweled Bird. Draw a card.

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It could also be a way to deal with Oubliette and Tawnos's Coffin.

@fsecco said in [Old School] About unbanning Jeweled Bird and Bronze Tablet:

@enderfall Not if it's worded like this:

T: put all cards from your exile into your graveyard, then exile Jeweled Bird. Draw a card.

Yeah, that would need to be restricted. Cantrip for 1 colorless? that would be a 4of in every single deck.

There is no impetus to errata them because no one wants to play with either card (aside from the Jeweled Bird potential problem). They were designed as worded with the balance of ante in mind, so I don't really think it's worth messing with that.

Interesting to me that the wording on the card differs from the oracle already:

Remove Jeweled Bird from your deck before playing if you're not playing for ante.

Tap: Ante Jeweled Bird. If you do, put all other cards you own from the ante into your graveyard, then draw a card.

An errata that replaces ante with exile was how our old 5-Color 250 group used to play it. Exile clearly isn't enough drawback on the ante cards. Changing the owner of your lotus is a bit more serious...

Not all ante cards, sure. Contract from Below is dumb. But Bird as a 1-of is pretty cool imo. Probably 100% of the decks would play it, just like Chaos Orb, but I'd be fine with that.

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