Bant Infect 0 power list. Need help.

Here is a list I am going to try out on MTGO. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
4 inkmoth nexus
1 Pendelhaven
2 Savannah
1 Strip mine
3 Tropical Island
4 Windswept heath
4 Wooded Foothills
2 Gitaxian probe
4 Mental Misstep
1 Brainstorm
4 Berserk
1 Crop rotation
4 Might of Old Krosa
4 Invigorate
2 Vines of Vastwood
3 Null Rod
1 Become Immense
3 Force of will
4 Glistener Elf
4 Blighted Agent
4 Noble Hierarch
1 Force of will
2 Flusterstorm
4 Swords to plowshares
2 Pithing needle
3 Steel sabotage
3 Rest In Peace

Please let me know what you think. This is my really only option to get into Vintage, so i need to make this work lol, thanks!

I think there is an infect list floating around with blazing shoal, that could be an option to look into, I would suggest going all four force in the main so you can stop faster combo decks

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Have you considered a Gush draw engine? It's very good at enabling fast and cheap combos with top deck tutors as well as generating mana for a low-curve deck

@desolutionist I really like that idea. I do not have Bayou, so I will need to stay away from black for tutors. The tournaments that I can play in paper will let us use up to 15 playtest cards, so online maybe over time I can add 2 gush, 1 time walk, 1 ancestral, 1 mystical tutor, and remove -3 nullrod, -1 mental misstep, and -1 savannah main deck?

Why are you playing Null Rod? Are you playing disruptive creatures ala Noble Fish, or are you playing an aggressive combo deck? I would think that Defense Grid would be a better card if you needed a disruptive two mana artifact (I don't think you need either).

Natures Claim seems much better than Steel Sabotage. Lifegain is not a concern for the poison plan.

Four Berserk might be too much. I would add Gush, the other two Probe's and a second Become Immense with the free spells you are playing.

Why is Swords to Plowshares in your sideboard? When do you bring it in?

And if you cut Swords, could you cut white completely and do fine with Ravenous Trap and Surgical Extraction in the sideboard -- a little bit of disruption for Dredge if you think you are capable of racing.

i think making this a gush deck is the best bet. If you could add power you'd only need on color moxen and lotus, but since you're not using them you could probably use a lotus petal.

The more I think about it the more I think that Gush is the way to go. Null Rod is probably not a great idea for the main deck but it could be a good sideboard card against Storm. Paradoxical Outcome, and a lot of Workshop decks.

I agree here, cut the White cards, they aren't needed. Go straight UG Infect, cut Null Rods and add more free spells (Probe, etc), move the fourth Force to the main. As for the board, against Dredge, you only need 4-5 Dredge Hate, and I would actually suggest Grafdigger's Cage here since it doubles against Oath and you can just race Dredge.

@msg67183 Ok, that sounds like a good idea. I will give it a try and let you know how it worked! Thanks for the advice!

@Islandswamp Ok cool, im ognna give it a shot. do you think crop rotation is an ok card in vintage or should i take it out?

@BoBoFraggles Not to step on anything here, but I personally don't think its very good at all in vintage. The main downside is that it can cost you huge resources against mental misstep. You sac the land to cast it, so getting it misstepped is getting 2 for 1ed in cards, plus you lose a land drop against the opponent paying 2 life... woof.

That being said, I like checking mtgtop8 just to see if I'm being an idiot, and crop rotation is actually seeing some play in vintage over the last 12 months. I'm counting 25 decks out of 674 entries running this card, which is only 3%, but honestly that's not nothing. And upon closer inspection, the decks it's showing up in are antithetical, rogue style decks in the very vein of the one you're working on here. Stuff like Dragon, Madness, Mana Ichorid, and weird green Stax decks. Take a look.

In summary, I personally hate this card for vintage in this metagame, but it might actually be right for what you're trying to do here. Especially since infect tends to be a kind of go fast, go for broke sort of thing anyway. Good luck with what you're doing here.

If you're going powerless, would Elvish Spirit Guide have a place here as some fast mana? Would Cavern of Souls be worth trying over Strip Mine and Crop Rotation as additional hedges against Mental Misstep?

@Pox22 said in Bant Infect 0 power list. Need help.:

If you're going powerless, would Elvish Spirit Guide have a place here as some fast mana? Would Cavern of Souls be worth trying over Strip Mine and Crop Rotation as additional hedges against Mental Misstep?

We ran spirit guide back in '06 and it definitely did a damn fine lotus petal impersonation. In fact, our red/green beats player ran simian and elvish spirit guides.

If I was going to build infect without power, they would be my first stop.

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