Vintage - Drawing, 'Ramping' and Countering (for beginners)

Before Eternal Weekend I started a series of Vintage articles aimed at new players that would like to venture to our world of Vintage. Here is a link to the third article of the series that was published yesterday.

Very enjoyable read. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Thanks for this interesting read. Not sure about that 'ramping' though, not many ramp-decks around in Vintage imo.

@kistrand that is why there are those quote marks or how it is called. I couldn't come up with a word that would describe what I had in mind. It was just to say that in Vintage you have fast mana that accelerates you. In general playing mana rocks is considered as ramping. I know that what fast mana does here is not really what we as magic players would call ramping (when talking about Vintage). But after one reads my article he should understand what I meant with it. (or not and then he can wonder^_^)

Thx for reading.

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