Vintage Side Events at GP Louisville???

I was curious if anyone knew if there were going to be Vintage side events at GP Louisville. Its an SCG event and I don't know how often they attempt them. The last SCG GP I went to was GP New Jersey and they had 4 events that fired. I'm sure it's easier to get Vintage events to fire on the east coast compared to Louisville.

They have two vintage events scheduled each day of the GP. Information is on the website. I definitely plan on playing Friday and Sunday.

I plan on being there all weekend and will be happy to play in every Vintage event that fires.

For easy finding:
Friday: 1 and 5 PM
Saturday: 1 and 5 PM
Sunday: 11 AM and 4 PM

I'm normally concerned about possible overlap with Legacy - which I assume is the format that Vintage players are most likely to play that isn't Vintage. Many TOs have their one daily Legacy and one daily Vintage event overlap by some amount of time. Not a problem at Louisville - there's a Legacy event firing at the top of every hour!

I also like that they're spaced four hours apart. As four round events, that means us Vintage players should be able to play eight rounds/hours of Vintage in a row each day!

I will be there and plan to play all of the vintage events. It was a much better GP experience at GP Columbus, so I see no reason to even bother with the main event.

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if i dont have byes i am doing vintage all 3 days ...

I'm considering going for no other reason than to play 6 Vintage events. Like, that's basically a year's worth of paper vintage?

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