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This is the best card at dealing with tokens since Echoing Truth. I’m surprised no one is talking about it. It’s even better than Echoing Truth because it also just acts as a Path to Exile, exiling everything from Dark Confidant to Griselbrand and everything in between. So it takes care of Mentor or Mentor’s tokens. There isn’t another 2-mana-or-less removal spell as dynamic as this card.

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That's true, but Sorcery speed and giving them a bunch of Clue tokens is a pretty significant drawback.

They don't really get a 'bunch' of Clue tokens. Most likely only 1 Clue token.

Clue tokens seem kind of expensive for Vintage. Tapping two mana to draw a card is probably not a winning turn. So it's just marginal value by giving them a Clue token, similar to Path to Exile.

It's also one sided. Perfect for a Mentor mirror

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I was about to bring this card up right before tmd archives went down. Then forgot about it. Sorcery isnt much of a big deal to me since the cost is pretty low for such a great effect that dodges MM but giving them artifact clues will matter mostly if they have Tolarian Academy or pretty much anything that can abuse artifacts. I will definitely test this out.

Geez, I was not paying attention to the site migration... everything got blasted right out of the Universe, huh? All those great resources on errata policy I linked to elsewhere, too.

Anyway, yeah, this is Grade A, Primo removal. I put it behind Path to Exile, but not by much. Since we deal with tokens in Vintage, this is even better than Path -- situationally better than Swords. Yes, they get a Clue token. Sure, they can pay 2 to draw a card or fuel a Tinker, alright, fine. But look at this guy:

1- Maindeckable. It deals with Shops monsters, Tinkerbots, Oath targets, AND tokens. Makes it way better than narrow token hosers.
2 - Good before or after tokens land. Can deal with the token mamma or the tokens.

I'm a big fan of this. I would also be really excited to see if we finally have a maindeckable solution to tokens that might nudge aggro in Vintage in a different direction again...

Killing the tokens and doing nothing to address their producer is a great way to make your Gush opponent feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. Illness in the Ranks, Virulent Plague, Dread of Night are all unplayably bad despite the best deck in the format being a go-wide token aggro deck. Echoing Truth is much better than this card because it at least pitches to Force of Will and can bounce Stony Silence or whatever's shutting down your Vault Key / Bomberman.

Killing an actual creature with this card is a 2-for-1 for your opponent, and trying to defend that play with "but…tempo" fails to explain why you are playing a two mana removal spell in the first place.

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Yeah, but this is useful in a wider variety of situations than Echoing Truth -- namely, against Shops. If you Echo a Golem, well, I hope you enjoy trading 1U mana for the ability to avoid the tax right now, because he's coming back next turn. It's like a weak Hurkyl's.

It does pitch to Force, and that's a big deal, yes.

As to tokens, I don't think it's hard to be in situations where removing the token swarm itself is the key to getting that extra turn or two you need. And yeah, you always have the option of hitting the mamma if you want.

@MaximumCDawg (quick aside, the old site is going to get put back up at, but there were some technical troubles I haven't resolved yet - the old data should all be there when I fix things though)

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