In my ongoing efforts to pretend like I'm a real writer, I've been blogging much more lately. Some of these entries will be directly Vintage-related, and some will just be stories about Magic (and possibly other stuff if I get a feeling that people want to actually read that).

This latest entry is about a few of my favorite articles I've written. I just linked to them and wrote about why I enjoyed writing the things. The cool thing about the blog is that I can be more candid and honest than I'm otherwise allowed to be. So enjoy it, share it if you're so inclined, and let me know if there's anything else you'd ever like to see in one of these entries.

I wrote a short thank you to the community at the end as well. I just want everyone to recognize that I am grateful for the support I've been given. I'm certainly not the best player in the world, and even though I played competitively at a young age I'm still learning. Vintage is the deepest format I've ever touched and I'm lucky to stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before me. Without the work of @Smmenen , @Brass-Man , and others I wouldn't be doing this.