Ghost Quarter and Basics land distributions

Ghost Quarter had a few copies in the Eternal Weekend top 8.

Which decks play basic lands and how many basics do they actually have?

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@gkraigher Of the major, top tier archetypes I think storm will play 1, mentor 1, landstill has some, the UR decks will have a couple...but i think more often than not its 0-1

I think basic count almost has more to do with the player than the archetype - I often find myself running 3 basics in lists where I often see 0-1.

Personally I'm not a huge fan of Quarter in a matchup where my opponent has even 2 basics

Any blue deck can support 2-4 basics, though it's harder for some (like Oath and Grixis Pyromancer)

Mono-White Eldrazi has a ton of basics, and basically every other deck has zero.

I feel like it's a hedge against the two decks that it's best against (or most likely to be a functional Strip Mine); Dredge and Workshops. I suppose Tribal Eldrazi doesn't play any Wastes, right?

Against decks with even one basic land it becomes a real liability, BUT, you might get some use out of it. You're probably running GQ in a deck where you're already maxed out on Wastes/Strip, so your opponent very well might fetch a basic land right away. If they're stingy and only run one basic land, then you're fine to just use it for the advantage. If they're on two basic lands then there's a decent chance that you're just wasting a card for nothing.

I guess that if I wanted another land in my Shops deck and I expected a high volume of Workshop mirrors GQ could be a good idea. If you're running Crucible main deck it probably works better too because you can make them burn through all of their basics pretty quickly.

I will say this, Ghost Quarter has to always be better than Tectonic Edge and Encroaching Wastes, right?


That was my reasoning behind considering it main deck in workshops. That your opponent is already searching for their basic land with fetches, so ghost Quarter effectively becomes strip mine.

But some decks do have multiple basics, so how fast you figure out the number they run in their 75 greatly improves your lines.

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@gkraigher I think one GQ in the current meta should be fine. Rarely will you be upset to see it in a shops deck.

Think about the times where it hits a tolarian academy and you don't even care that they get a basic.

@Islandswamp Some Tribal builds do, but I don't think ever beyond 1 copy (that I'm aware of).

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