1st place Power Nine Challenge 10/29/16 tournament report

its 10 mins before the start of the tournament, and i'm busy messing around with my decklist. i took out 1 flooded strand and sol ring for loa and strip mine. i also took 2 disenchant, 1 flusterstorm, and 1 hurkyl's recall out of my sb for 3 fragmentize and an extra tormod's crypt.

rd 1 kdbkgb dredge
lose the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i have mentor t1 into t2 recall and still lose to t1 bazaar t2 bazaar.

game 2: i mull to 4(opp mulled to 5 and serum powder 3 times) and i keep tundra, fetch, brainstorm, misstep. i force a hexmage t2 and lose to marit lage t5 with ravenous trap in hand. i had no stp in my deck after sb.

rd 2 desolutionist abzan hatebears
win the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i kept 3 lands, strip mine, probe, mox, mentor. just land t1, opp has t1 drs. t2 i play mentor, probe into lotus, make 2 monks. opp has t2 decay, i gush to make another token. a couple turns later my 3 monks are attacking for lethal thanks to d tutor, time walk, and jvp. opp had t3 thalia and another drs, turn 4 displacer and bob, and didnt get a t5.

game 2: opp mulls to 6 i keep 7. my t1 mentor gets decayed on opp's t2, no monks. t2 recall, brainstorm, time walk. t3 jtms. t4 bounce spirit of the labyrinth into treasure cruise into loa gets a concession.

rd 3 tkc55 doomsday
win the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i keep 2 mox, therapy, probe, 2 fow, fetch. i probe and see the way is clear for the mentor i topdeck from probe. t2 therapy takes opp's gush and flusterstorm. opp left with doomsday, probe and ceremonious rejection. i win t4.

game 2: we both keep 7. i keep 2 land, strip mine, probe, misstep, time walk, and lotus. my probe sees 2 force, vamp tutor, mystical tutor, and treasure cruise. i lose the fight over opp's ancestral on my upkeep t2. i'm able to resolve mentor and time walk after the fight but only have lands left over. i lose turn 5 to doomsday.

game 3: we both keep 7. i keep 2 probe, ancestral, misstep, snapcaster, mox, and land. i cast both probes drawing fow and jtms and see vamp, demonic, preordain, gush, merchant scroll, fow, and tropical. i resolve my ancestral trading fow's. t2 i land mentor. t2 opp resolves ancestral. back to my t3 i gush, preordain twice, and have 2 fow and d tutor left. t3 opp dtt, fow's trade so dtt resolves but it isn't enough and opp concedes to monk army.

rd 4 s4mmich grixis paradoxical outcome
lose the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. t1 opp has mox, led, academy, tinker into jar. my misstep doesn't stop any of this and i die t2 to 36 copies of tendrils.

game 2: we both keep 7. i keep 2 lands, mana crypt, 2 fragmentize, ponder, and gush. ponder shuffles and draws a mentor. opp probes and passes t1. my t2 i get mentor into play and cast the probe i drew for the turn and see academy, land, chain of vapor, defense grid, flusterstorm, outcome, and mind's desire. opp's t2 is merchant scroll for ancestral. my t3 is gush into ancestral, probe, and concession from opp.

game 3: opp mulls to 4 and i mull to 6. i keep 4 lands, mox, and mentor and scry d tutor on top. opp leads on mana vault. i t1 tutor for ancestral. t2 opp time walks and passes. my t2 draw mana crypt, mentor is forced but ancestral finds another mentor for t3. nothing happens until opp's t5 i have misstep for ancestral, and i win on my t5

rd 5 togoresrodrigo uw mentor
win the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i keep 2 lands, 2 preordains, ponder, brainstorm, and mentor. we both cast cantrips t1 and t2 and then draw go for a few turns. t5 opp goes for mentor, i fow, opp flusterstorms. i ancestral and it gets forced. mentor resolves. i get to resolve my mentor but lose on next turn to stp, snapcaster for time walk.

game 2: we both keep 7. i keep land, 2 probe, thoughtseize, brainstorm, tc, and mentor. t1 probe, opp has 2 preordain, mana leak, 2 flusterstorm, misstep, and land. we both cantrip for a while and each counter big draw spells. eventually thoughtseize clears a path for jtms on turn 12. i win 3 turns later.

game 3: we both keep 7. time is a factor, i'm just under 5 mins left on clock and opp has just over 8. opp lands t2 mentor but i have 2 stp's and only have to face 1 monk. i have t3 mentor that gets stp. i'd been playing very quickly and clocks have evened out with about 3 mins left each. couple turns later opp times out and i have 24 seconds left on my clock.

rd 6 ziguyan dredge
win the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i keep 3 lands, 2 misstep, stp, and dtt. i did not stand a chance and lose t3 to lots of zombies.

game 2: i keep 7, opp mulls to 3. i keep 2 lands, mox, fow, probe, ravenous trap, and tormod's crypt. probe t1 and opp kept a no bazaar hand. opp concedes t6 when i play mentor and make 3 monks.

game 3: i mull to 6, opp keeps 7 after 1 serum powder. i keep 2 mentor, ravenous trap, gush, mox, and land. trap buys me time but i still lose t5 to lots of zombies.

rd 7 pokerswizard

opp did not show up. at this point i'm 5-2 trying to figure out how many 5-2's will make it in. i'm watching results and see both of my dredge opp's ziguyan and kdbkgb are 6-1, and togoresrodrigo ended up 5-2, so i think by tiebreakers will be good. turns out just good enough, i make it into the top8 in 8th place.

quarterfinals rematch ziguyan dredge
lose the die roll

game 1: i lose, wasn't expecting to win g1

game 2: we both keep 7. i keep lotus, mox pearl, preordain, brainstorm, mentor, time walk, and ravenous trap. i lead with mox and lotus to have blue floating, cast mentor, preordain into strip mine. t2 i kill bazaar and play my tormod's crypt i drew for the turn and opp concedes.

game 3: we both keep 7. i keep 2 mentor, jtms, lotus, mox, tormod's crypt, and land. t2 opp has ingot chewer for crypt but my t2 i draw d tutor and get another crypt and win t3.

semifinals rematch kdbkgb dredge
win the die roll

game 1: i lose, again i wasn't expecting to win g1

game 2: i keep in the 2 stp to have outs to marit lage i know about from rd 1 and bring in all the dredge hate. i keep 7 and opp mulls to 3. i keep 2 probe, snapcaster, fow, mox, lotus, and tormod's crypt. i probe(bazaar, misstep, and stinkweed) into preordain and ravenous trap. crack lotus to preordain, bottom both and find a land, then snapcaster preordain and find misstep and time walk keeping both. i play tormod's crypt. opp t1 bazaar. t3 i draw strip mine, kill bazaar and crypt away a vengeful pharoah and game ends 5 turns later with no more bazaars.

game 3: we both keep 7. i keep lotus, mana crypt, mox ruby, misstep, fow, mentor, and land. i thought for a while about this. if opp had a good dredge hand this wouldn't be good enough but i just felt like opp would be on marit lage again. this hand has a good chance of killing t3 if i draw cantrips. opp has t1 bazaar. my t1 i draw another misstep. i lotus, mentor, mox, and pass. t2 opp has urborg but no dredgers and i am feeling good about my chances. my t2 i draw another land, play mana crypt, and pass. t3 opp has thespian's stage and i start to get worried because i will just lose to marit lage next turn if i don't draw a cantrip. my t3 i draw brainstorm into 2 probe and preordain and just win. better lucky than good.

finals k_f_chicken oath/standstill
win the die roll

game 1: we both keep 7. i keep jtms, gush, misstep, preordain, mox sapphire, mox, mana crypt. i preordain into 2 lands and keep both. t1 opp has lotus, mishra's factory, mox, and standstill. t7 i drew strip mine to deal with factory. t11 i finally break the standstill. i fow a couple of threats and lose to oath. did not see a mentor the entire game.

game 2: i keep 7 and opp mulls to 6. i keep land, mox, preordain, probe, misstep, and 2 gush. i probe drawing another misstep and see 2 lands, mox, sdt, and jtms. preordain into ancestral and another land. opp leads on mox and sdt. i try to recall t2 and it gets forced. opp goes for standstill, i gush, and fow standstill. draw go for some turns. t6 i draw mentor, it resolves. i thoughtseize, mentor gets decayed and i gush to get another token. t7 i tc and opp concedes.

game 3: we both keep 7. i have 2 land, preordain, fragmentize, mox, fow, and snapcaster. opp has t2 oath with orchard. i let it resolve and fragmentize on my t2. opp has t3 pernicious deed. my t3 i thoughtseize and see decay, griselbrand, fow, and brainstorm, taking brainstorm. a couple turns later i have snapcaster'ed a thoughtseize and cabal therapied opp's hand away. i get mentor out t7, ponder t8, and opp concedes.

i won! it was fun to go through the replays and see how many times i t1'ed a mentor. I want to thank anyone who took their time to read this long and (probably) boring tournament report.

Well done, our rematch in the elimination rounds was a lot of fun even if it didn't work out so well for me. Turns out lotus is still pretty good

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