Anyone else live in or around Westchester, lower Hudson Valley and/or southwest Connecticut? I do, and was considering trying to get a friendly/casual vintage/oldschool scene started here. I know there are regular scenes in Long Island and Philly, and I'm wondering if we could get the same thing started in Westchester, and not have to drive 2 hours every time we want to play. I'm up for competitive play, but also very interested in just low-key casual get togethers, as a way to grow the vintage community and have a forum to test deck brews. We could also do cube/edh. Just reply if any of this sounds interesting to you!

@BigRiver we have vintage fnm in norwalk CT once a month, 8-10ppl and growing, generally playing for a dual land +$50 card

Cool. What store? I would definitely be interested, but would still like to start something local in westchester too, and more casual. Norwalk is still a 45-minute drive for me each way…do you know if any of your regulars live in NY?

@BigRiver Battlegrounds gaming. One of the guys lives in jersey but drivesbto anything. We are mostly CT but close enough for the NYC guys to get to

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