[COM2016] Benefactor's Draught

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This seems insane in elf combo decks and I think it could make them a factor again. Vitalize is not a card that saw play, but that is mostly just because all it really did in those lists was function like a ritual. This on the other hand is a ritual that cantrips. I don't think the draw a card on blocking clause is super relevant, but this card can allow a heritage druid combo to go off turn 2 if unopposed.

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I dunno man, we had Vitalize, we even had To Arms! if you wanted the untap effect. The blocking thing is almost never going to matter, and if this effect were really that strong, it's easy for Elves to splash white. Heck, I usually did so I had access to Quasli Pridemage.

Isnt this just win more for elves? Like if youre actually swinging out its probably on the back of craterhoof so the cards dont matter?

I think the reason people think of this card for elves is more for the untapp effect, not the card draw.

It's card draw plus cantrip, otherwise I think Vitalize would have seen play. Elves can live or die off draw ones.

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