Hey guys, check out www.themanadrain.com/twitch for some serious vintage action!

It's going to take a bit more work to make a sophisticated system that switches to whoever's live, but for now you're stuck with me 😄

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Can I humbly request to be added to the list?

of course! and if you can think of anyone else I'm forgetting let me know

@Brass-Man I have not used Twitch before, but it is exclusively MTGO? Can people stream cockatrice matches as well? I'd love to see more wacky and crazy decks that might not be a good choice for MTGO. Also Salvagers.

I plan on being more disciplined about streaming vintage whenever I play. Once I actually follow through on that I'll drop my twitch username here.

@MaximumCDawg it's not as common, but there are definitely some cockatrice streamers. You should check out @SamuelA 's stream ( www.twitch.tv/hammybone ) or his youtube archives - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBrY8zNv3nixXbBQbgO2lfw , he's been running and covering an online Mana Drain Vintage League. Think the VSL on Cockatrice with primarily vintage players instead of pros (our World Champion Brian Kelly is in the current season, I think)

@Brass-Man I've started streaming and spamming the FB group with a link when I do, mind adding me to the twitch list on here?


I am embarrassingly unfamiliar with Twitch, or how it works. (I've only ever replays of VSL and other matches on YouTube.)

Do I follow "tmdBrassMan" and the other twitch users who posted here individually, or is there a Vintage channel I can subscribe to? (I see the "Magic the Gathering Channel, but that's too broad.)

Also, is there a way to find replays, or can you only watch live ? (On the Twitch page, I only saw one link to what appeared to be Andy's most recent broadcast.)

Less immediately, if I wanted to stream my my matches on either cockatrice or MTGO, how would I begin?

Thanks for setting this up (and for the remedial assistance)!

Good questions 😄

So for now there is no "official" TMD stream account - I've just linked to a few known vintage streamers, and the widget you see when you click the twitch icon on TMD is just my personal stream, with links to other streamers

In the future I hope to get a little more high tech with this, to quickly alert TMD viewers when someone is streaming - but for now I just have the links. If you wanted email alerts when any of us streamed, you'd have to follow us twitch seperately.

Watching replays on twitch is easy (and fun!). if you want to watch the last few broadcasts for a particular user, hit the url https://www.twitch.tv/[username]/profile, like, http://www.twitch.tv/richshay/profile

If a user has set their twitch to save specific highlights/games, they'll be located at https://www.twitch.tv/[username]/profile/highlights, like http://www.twitch.tv/tmdbrassman/profile/highlights

If your'e a non-partnered streamer, there's a cap on how many past streams are saved, but you should always be able to see the last few - I think Rich is the only regular vintage streamer who is partnered.

For the time being, the best time to look for a stream is the weekend vintage dailies, that's (all East Coast Time) 9:30 PM Friday, 2:30 PM, 9:30 PM Saturday, and 2:30 PM, 9:30 PM Sunday. If you to catch a stream live, those are the best times to log in and see who's streaming.

If you want to host your own stream, it's not super complicated, but there might be some hurdles depending on how technical you are.

Most streamers I know use a program called OBS, which you can hook up to your Twitch account, and it does the actual streaming/web cam/screen capture, etc. Twitch and OBS are both free to use. A basic setup of just streaming your screen to twitch and capturing your microphone and/or a webcam is pretty straightforward - but there are a lot of settings you can tweak to get better upload speeds, make fancy overlays, etc.

If you plan on interacting with your chat or doing anything sophisticated with overlays, having a second monitor helps a lot. You keep your game on one, and on the other you can keep the chat, the OBS app, any apps/websites you want to use to look things up or play music, etc.

After you've streamed a few times, if you want to set up anything more complicated, let me know!

I have a feeling we're going to want a few threads an stickies just for twitch stuff soon enough

For the record I am not great with computers and I figured out how to stream with obs very quickly.
If you have issues just ask someone! 🙂

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