[COM2016] Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder

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This is the first card out of Commander 2016 that seems legitimately exciting. Here's the run-down:

Is green, so dust off those Natural Orders and Green Sun's Zeniths!
Has trample, so will usually connect against most boards and allow you to start getting value.
Once he's hit, each Brainstorm or Probe can potentially cast Wheel of Fate, Hypergenesis, Ancestral Vision...
Four mana is reasonable, and if you must play 4 colors, White is exactly what you'd leave out.
Pitches to Force of Will (and Pyrokenesis and Contagion if you swing that way)
Can't be bolted!

I don't see an obvious game-winning line from connecting with this guy using Vintage cards; just value.
Does not have haste, which means the enemy usually gets a turn to deal with him before you can do anything.
Not a great Oath target, compared to other things we can do.
Dies to basically all shops and eldrazi dorks.
Dies to Red Element Blast (and Blue Elemental Blast!)

Given all of that, why do I think this guy is exciting? Precisely because he doesn't fit in an existing archetype. I feel like if you want this Ogre Magi, either you're nostalgic for Warcraft 2 or you want to run him in some kind of GSZ/Natural Order toolbox deck. Those exist in Legacy (Nic Fit) but not in Vintage. This card is proooobably not the one that puts it into our wheelhouse, but it helps.

I think the biggest impediment to this making a dent is the first con-- what's the game-winning line once he connects? If there is one, I think he's something to tinker with. If not, he's something to remember exists as they keep improving the Nic Fit style deck in case it finally gets Vintage worthy.

I think he fits an interesting role in sneak attack decks. Without haste tho hes meh.

Doesnt matter if he does as long as he gets one hit in. Just thinking about the fact that every preordain you cast gets a mox. There are worse blue mythics.

@vaughnbros Yeah, once he hits, it's off to the races. The lack of haste just means you are probably giving your opponent a free turn to deal with him before that happens.

This is one of those cards that you need to price by opportunity cost, and I'm not sure if there is anything he's really able to replace in the traditional cheaty shells (oath, show and tell) or in the "fair creature that wins the game" shell (Consecrated Sphinx, Drakmoa). So, I'm looking to shells without much competition.

Oh, you know what else is good with this? Eldritch Evolution. Turn your 2 drop into a CA engine?

He's only 4 mana. I think it would be considerably easier to cast than one of the 6 drops. His impact is arguably even greater too. I'd think that this would have a similar effect of Monk that if you let your opponent untap with it, and cards in their hand you are pretty much dead.

All this said. Mentor has homogenized most blue win cons. What are the real merits of this over mentor? I'm not sure they exist. Maybe if your deck has a number of other creatures in it.

They are really pushing Leovold and Dr. Shaman. LegendaryDudes.dec

At some point, those Legendary-matters lands and equipment from Kamigawa get a second look, eh?

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