4-5 color humans more so than actual hatebears I feel.

@studderingdave Well, yes. Sorry for meddling them, but in my head humans is a fork from hatebears decks and tend to mix them. Humans will surely take more profit than other bear strategies, for sure.

Yeah some ambitious builds with SFM might make it work. +3/+3 or +4/+4 can be a real swing when matched with Mayor or a Gideon emblem.

@fsecco said:

I'm kind of tired of "can't" cards, but well, what can I do?

Deal with it after 20 years of having shit Force of Willed for no mana?

you don't have to post all the card spoiled.

@Saya said:

you don't have to post all the card spoiled.

It's a good thing hes not and only posting things that merit discussion then.

This definitely goes into hatebears with SFM over dedicated Humans. Humans already abused the shit out of Caverns and doesn't really need redundant "you can't counter my shit" cards. Abolisher was hugely relevant in Junk Hatebears alongside cards like Eidolon of Rhetoric because it really funneled your opponent into only casting spells at sorcery speed and only once a turn. That was a powerful thing to be able to do. Since Hatebears strategies generally don't care as much about the "Human" subtype this card makes more sense as it gives you uncounterability for more of your threats while putting one of them out of "board sweeper" range. I like this card a lot and would definitely test it in a junk denial list. My contention is that such a list isn't well positioned right now, but I'm open to being proven wrong.


My buddy Leovold loves his Flail.

This puts an equipped Painter's Servant permanently out of Lightning Bolt range, and also stops StP shenanigans that turn. If you have this and Grindstone in play and seven mana open, you can play Painter, activate the equip ability, and then activate the Grindstone ability if StP is played in response. Granted, Lightning Greaves serves this same role for cheaper, but Greaves won't save your Grindstone from being Misstepped either if you want to hang on to it. Something to ponder anyways.

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As a painter player for eternal weekend, I really wish this was released before champs. 🙂

Interesting card, but isn't it just too expensive?

At 2 to cast and 2 to equip, it seems pretty slow. It stops countermagic, but you need to have spent 4 mana doing things in order to make it happen in the first place.

EDIT: It DOES slip right into my casual Selesnya Aggro deck, though, right alongside Civic Saber, Judge's Familiar, Naya Hushblade, and Bant Sureblade. Thats fun.

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I'm also testing a 4-Color Leovold Gush list with SFM. I think that could be a nice home for Flail. With Leovold + SFM play you have 4 colors covered.

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