[Free Article] The State of Vintage 2016

This went up a few days ago, but I never got around to posting it because of the site issues. Anyway, I wrote an article about my thoughts on where Vintage stands going into both Eternal Weekends. Hope you all enjoy!


I feel you missed some critical space with the entire omission of Spell Queller/Dark Confidant. That said, this was a gargantuan task to organize coherently, and you did this way better than I ever could. Thanks for the update.

Great article, although I'm not entirely in agreement with your assessment of Leovold. "Leovold will singlehandedly redefine how decks are built in Vintage" is definitely a statement that will turn out wrong in my opinion. Leovold is good, no doubt about it, but I don't think it's that good. At least I'm not sure if using 6 spots in your Grixis Pyromancer deck to make room for 3 Leovold is worth it.

If "redefine how decks are built in Vintage" you mean "just don't make all your removal spells Snuff Out", then sure. Leovold isn't ground-breaking.

It has an awkward mana cost so it can't realistically be played t1 without a perfect double mox hand, so it is vulnerable to Cabal Therapy.

Dig for a removal spell is also a scary workaround.

Leovold's biggest weakness is being terrible against nonblue decks and thus I think it is optimally played in the board.

Leovold is optimally played with DRS, DRS is great vs. Thorn decks. Resolved Leovold isn't awful vs. non-blue Thorn decks, he interacts with Wasteland, TKS, Displacer (LOL), and even boarded plows. He's slow vs. dredge, but has as much text as alot of creatures in game one.

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