Well, we're back up with a backup. Yesterday during a forum upgrade the site went down. We have some corrupt data in the DB that's causing trouble when it comes to certain site features, and the process of trying to fix it has become problematic. Fixing one problem yesterday resulted in a much bigger issue, where new threads were being written on top of older ones.

In the meantime I've restored the site from a backup, but I've lost the updates and we lost about a days worth of posts. I apologize for the hassle that might cause.

In the near future I'm going to continue to work on this data issue, which needs to be fixed before I can add any more interesting, useful updates to the site. The process might cause more data loss, but it's a necessary risk. The site is backed up regularly so we shouldn't be in a situation where we'll lose much - but I cant guarantee no issues until this problem is resolved.

Once again, sorry for the downtime, the data loss, and thanks for your patience.

Glad we're back, ironically down for a period when I made a load of posts, such is life. Thanks for sorting things Andy.

Brassy, you're doing a great service to the entire Vintage community.

@Brass-Man thanks for posting updates on your twitter. Good to know that you are aware of the downage.

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