Tournament announcements without location tags

The majority of tournament announcements do not currently include a "location tag". Without location tags, it is difficult to find events in a particular area, because there are so many posts in the forum. Even those that are tagging events are not doing so in a uniform fashion. In addition to a plethora of sub-regional tags, for example, there are three different tags for online events: "Magic Online," "MTGO," and "MTGO P9."

This is a real problem for me. I recently missed a local event because it was not tagged (the Eudemonia tournament on September 18 was not tagged "West Coast USA"). And I was unaware of CardHoarder's free online tournament series because they were tagged "MTGO" versus "Magic Online".

The old system was better in this regard, because it forced anyone posting an event to select one of a small number of sub-forums.

Is it possible to redesign the "tournament announcement" page so that users must select at one of a small number of regional tags, and make these tags uniform and truly comprehensive (e.g. by continent) so that all posts fit under at least one and users are not free to generate their own? (It is fine to include additional regional markers, so long as one of the specified tags is listed). Or if this cannot be accomplished through tags, could we accomplish this by emulating the old TMD's sub-forum approach?

Short of a technical fix, could moderators and users please help remind tournament organizers to include one of the tags specified in Andy's "How to Post a Tournament Announcement!" instructional post ([]).

Thanks all!

@aardshark Andy, as a compliment to the above post, could your tournament announcement instructions be revised to specify that tournament announcements must include exactly one of a small number of specified regional tags. You could clarify that posts may include additional, sub-regional tags so long as they include one of the specified tags.

The regional tags would need to be modified or expanded so that they are truly comprehensive. This could be accomplished by adding additional to your current list regional tags at the continent level: [Africa]; [Africa]; [Australia] [North America-other]; [South America]; and (for completeness) [Antarctica].

This would make it much easier for users and moderators to identify posts that do not include one of the specified tags, and encourage the posters to tag their tournament announcement as appropriate.

Thanks for your consideration.

And for total completeness, please don't forget [Europe]

@bips Sorry! I skipped Europe because its already specified in the Tournament Announcement instructions.

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