So . . . is there ever going to be an Old School thread here? I don't play Vintage anymore as Old School is more up my alley. There seems to be nowhere to talk about it, other than reading blog postings. Am I missing the thread as it was not stickied?


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There is unfortunately no old school thread here. I'd be happy to participate in one though. I've played a lot more Old School than Vintage of late.

@gribdogs there are a couple facebook groups of you have an account. Otherwise, you are right. There aren't any other discussion boards. I would welcome one here though.

I'd like to see one, but they carry an integral risk of immediate fighting over allowed editions, Dark or not, restricted lists et al.

@portland Heaven forbid we had a central location to discuss the merits of each rule set and reach some sort of conclusion !

Played CFB rules at the GP last weekend. Mana burn was interesting, Hymm added precisely nothing to the quality of games, pump knights don't seams necessary or vastly better (they squeeze zoo out a little), and multiple workshops are as good in a relatively weak format as you'd expect.

I still like the Swedish rule set with greater set legality. But, each to their own.

The merits of allowed sets isn't a big deal for me. I have cards that would allow me to play EC rules, but so far I prefer playing Swedish. I thought it would be more interesting to talk about the aesthetics of the format. I'm relieving my teenage years playing old school, which to me is precisely what type 1 should be. I love the old cards; I love making all black bordered decks. I love 'snobbing' up and only playing unlimited white borders. I grew up on 4th and Ice Age, but right now I can only stomach cards from 1993-1994. I've even picked up the 1994 Duelists to relive the 'magic' of the era (no pun intended). I'm enjoying saving up for cards, just like when I was a kid. I can't build the best decks, so I make do with the best I've got.

Hmm, I also just noticed that I can't spell the word 'thread' in my opening post. I was on heavy Mucinex yesterday...

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