@sodoyouwearacape Solitary Confinement Against Storm? either grizzles keeps our hand full to discard or sun titan can bring it back. doesnt die to pyroblast either which is a liability with arcane lab.

I tested against you in the testing room, I'm spartan117gottshall online. I was playing the Tiny Robots list. Your deck is very powerful. Sun Titan is a great Oath creature, bringing back a plethora of options.

@msg67183 Thank you very much. Yea it was surprising how powerful the combo is. Only problem with deed is opposing jace's bouncing your creatures.

Shall I recommend Seal of Primordium/ Cleansing over Wear/ Tear? You can hardcast a Sun Tita , bring back Seal and blow up a Cage. Nice tech eh?

And as an answer to Priest, maybe something like Barbarian Ring? You are bound to have Threshold when you hardcast a Titan.

@msg67183 Huh thats interesting, I think The wear//tear will be replaced for sure but as for priest 2 abrupt decay and the deeds are usually enough but I may add some spot removal in.

Fair enough. Deed is very good as a catch all

I would play Imprisioned in the Moon in the slot you are searching as a catch all.

@PeAcH I have it in my maybe board but the problem is Detention Sphere hit 2x mentors, 2x Priests, 2x Cages, All the monk tokens. Its very hard to justify one vs a possible semi board wipe

@msg67183 @sodoyouwearacape @countbeckula What are your guy's thoughts on cutting nahiri for another Enchantment Flex spot or a 3rd deed? Solitary Confinement seems like the best because it stops just about every deck and can be recurred with titan if we don't want to discard.

Im surprised you dont run the key/time vault combo, wasnt that one of the main reasons to run Sun Titan in Oath?

@Serracollector it's really awkward to need 2 turns to bring both back. Chances are wiping the board with deed or stealing a blightsteel with a recurred dack is just better

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I guess depends on the build. If you already have half the combo via tutor, tinker, or natural draw you win. Also, adds a 3rd "dead" card, but I have seen vetsions with Dragons Breath so you can get both pieces or 2 of something else, in one turn.

Dragon's Breath is so tempting with Sun Titan/KeyVault but yet another dead card weighs heavily against the case for including KeyVault.
The Dragon's Breath on its own might be more defensible since you can still get back two lock pieces on that initial turn.
Trinisphere and Statis are high on my list of Titan targets especially if you're already considering The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

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@Aaron-Patten instead of Stasis what about Solitary confinement or Contamination. With suntitan out we can let it die on our turn then bring it back after combat.

Solitary stops storm with shroud and all creature damage with damage prevention. Griselbrand can also draw us cards if we don't want to sac it. Also prevents them from oathing targeting us.

You know what else Sun Titan can bring back? Necropotence!

Dragons breath on Titan, bring back necro, swing, bring back solitary confinement, max hand, go. Seems good. Also, personally, I would run Aura of Silence over either Seal, thats kinda meta dependant I guess tho. I for one really really like Forcefield as an answer to some decks as well, but maybe too slow.

@GrandpaBelcher Necro sounds dope until you hit 3/4 of your deck. We essentially have a better necro in the form of griselbrand imo and Grizzles is still useful even if we have less than 7 cards in our library.

@bleedth3sky Dack Fayden sounds dope until your opponent isn't playing artifacts. If you Oath up Sun Titan and really needed your one of Griselbrand, Necro is a decent substitute.

@GrandpaBelcher The only problem is we will have a very hard time casting Necro as mana is iffy at best and I dont wanna start running more rainbow lands.

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