Whats happened in the past 3 months?

Hello everyone. I just graduated boot camp and havnt played vintage in 3 months and i was wanting to know what has happened in the past 3 months, is there any new decks that have popped up, what major events happened, etc. any and all help is highly appreciated.

I would say probably more has happened in the last 6 months than almost any other point in Contemporary Vintage. We seemingly have a ridiculous amount of deck diversity and a handful of totally new archtypes have become relevant and competitive. Even budget decks, for the first time in ~15 years, can be super viable!!!

And yet, in the last few months, Vintage players seem to be more blase and disenchanted than ever.....

Is this the MTGO effect?
Is the Vintage metagame moving too fast for the casual players?
Who knows??

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just graduated boot camp? might i recommend the following action then.
Go hydrate.

seriously tho congratulations.

mostly people have been bemoaning the rise of hate bears and the lack of restriction of gush decks.

Mtgtop8.com can give you an idea of whats been happenimg, but with a new B&R update on the horizon, the status quo has the potential to change dramatically

creatures everywhere! lol. what branch?

Nahiri may actually be a thing...both in Gush and in Oath.

Oh, also MTGO is still awful...

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@ChubbyRain can you show me a list of what the deck looks like?

@ChubbyRain Frankly, I think they're finally managing to hit their stride when it comes to powerful-but-not-broken Walkers for eternal. It feels like they've been adjusting the dial of PW power level slightly upwards and have finally found a sweet spot.

Starting about in M13, I feel like this conversation happened at Wizards:

"Jace TMS is broken as heck, and almost no other Planeswalker matters. Can we fix that?"
"Well, let's start printing 4-cc walkers and make them powerful."
"Careful, though. We can't just reprint something on the level of Jace."
"Fair enough. We'll start turning the dial slowly, and increase the power until there's a problem."

So we went from the 4cc walkers worth a poop that were not named Jace being Ajani Vengant and Garruck Wildspeaker into more interesting forms. The evolution went something like:

Chandra, the Firebrand (M13)
"This one is interesting, but it saw no play. Looks like we can turn up the dial."

Ral Zerak (Dragon's Maze)
"Hmm, looks like combo-ing with Stasis isn't really a thing anymore. Alright, lets keep turning the dial up."

Liliana of the Dark Realms (M14)
"Hm, we thought this was interesting, but I guess it's not quite good enough yet. Perhaps the problem is being a mono-black walker? Well, lets keep hitting that dial."

Koria, the Crashing Wave (Born o' the Gods)
"Okay, I guess we can't fix Kiora just by tweaking her land matters + damage prevention abilities. Perhaps Gush does doesn't need such a flimsy body? Well, back to the drawing board."

Chandra, Pyromaster (M15)
"This one actually broke into fringe playability in Legacy! Hooray! I wonder if we can push it just a TAD further, though?"

Daretti, Scrap Servant (COM 14)
"More of a lateral move than increase in power, maybe, but we managed to make another fringe playable. Hooray us!"

Narset, Transcendant (Dragons of Karkir)
"Okay, HERE we go. Is letting you draw cards and double spells enough? And, just in case you're worried about protection, let's give her ALL the loyalty. Gentlemen, we hit playable in VINTAGE!"

Nahiri, the Harbinger (Shadows over Innistrad)
"Great, another playable -- and in an underutilized color combination to boot! I think we have the formula, finally. Make sure the walker can replace itself, protect itself, and win the game. Removal is fine, too. I'm a bit scared to push the cards any further, but this seems like the perfect eternal power level."

Kaya, Ghost Assassin (Conspiracy 2)
"Can we follow our new formula to push underplayed color combinations in Eternal? Let's see!"

Dovi Baan (Kaladesh)
"I think we've got the formula down pat. Let's see if we can keep printing things around this level in PLAYED colors to keep things interesting!"

Chandra, Torch of Defiance (Kaladesh)
"Aw hell, let's just see HOW FAR WE CAN PUSH THIS without breaking Modern."

Both Power 9 top 8s:

Nahiri Gush: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/452374#online

Nahiri Oath: https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/480356#online

Even though Nahiri Oath only runs 1 Nahiri, Andy (Montolio) said it overperformed for him while Void Winnower underperformed. I've tweaked the mana base slightly, cutting Void Winnower for Sun Titan, and finding room for a second Nahiri and Balance, but refuse to actually play it in an event until CN2 is made available.

@Minkar nope, im in charleston south carolina lol, and thank you

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