Why Urza's Bauble instead of something like Mishra's? THe value of seeing a random card instead of setting up a fetch or something?

Regarding the baubles, Mishra's is likely better. I was just shocked Mishra's bauble was $10 online and got Urza's instead without thinking very hard about it. Especially with probe in the deck, Urza's mostly gave me redundant information.

Why not play more lands? This deck seems super light on lands and not feesible in a larger event.

Have you considered testing out Paradoxical outcome? It seems incredible to me that this deck ever can beat null rod or stony silence

Yeah, Null Rod is the issue. I still love it as a general fan of affinity decks. I'm particularly interested in trying to work U/W Fabricate into a Thirst for Knowledge-based artifact/discard deck. Hey, by the way kids. I'm brand new here on TMD, although an MTG veteran since 1993. How can one create his/her own thread here? 🙂

@countbeckula Go to the main page (reachable by clicking "The Mana Drain" at top left of page. Select a category from the list of categories there. Once you've navigated to one of the five major categories, if you've loged-in, you'll see a "New Topic" button at the top of the list of topics in that category.

Thanks for sharing the deck - I love these kinds of decks specifically.

I played about 10 matches against various decks with this today - and specifically found Balance to be nearly a dead card every time I had it in my hand. I'm assuming I'm playing it wrong, or just had it while I was already ahead - but what did it allow you to come back from? Is it there specifically for insane starts from Pyromancer/Mentor?

Regarding balance, there are definitely times it is dead. It is admittedly terrible once you start drawing cards and generating tokens, but at that point things are usually going well.

As for what it is good for, it is good at dealing with token generators, as you say. Secondly, because the deck has moxen where most decks have more land, you can often destroy your opponent's lands. Also, the fact that you can drop 3-4 artifacts on the first turn, including baubles and Sensei's top, lets you use it as a discard spell. So basically by quickly playing lots of artifacts that balance doesn't count, you can take advantage of all the aspects of the card, but only situationaly.

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