September 2016 Banned and Restricted List updates

Unrestrict Dig through Time

@Soly Unrestrict petal and LED and Burning Long becomes teir 1 again. Other than that I fully agree as Gush plus mentor is just too much for any fair deck to overcome.

I'd like to see at least one card change restriction status leading up to Eternal Weekend much like WotC used to "shake up" Modern before the Pro Tours that showcased the format.

Make America great again #unrestrictchannel #TorchYou2016!

@BazaarOfBaghdad said:

Unrestricting Chalice while White Weenie Chalice has unknown degeneracy status is unwise.

Eldrazi also would be pretty brutal with 4 x Chalice and insane closing speed. Worse because a unilateral solution like EE is dogshit vs. 4-5 CC 3 turn clocks.

Lodestone is a far safer unrestrict than Chalice at this point IMHO ... the internet has for the most point adapted and plays creature removal.

@GrandpaBelcher said:

@nedleeds #FREECHANNEL

How many games would be won by 2-3 Elvish Spirit Guides merrily beating down?

@nedleeds Shoulder to shoulder with Chancellor of the Tangle.

Chalice is on the "I'd like to see what might happen but fear the result" sort of list.

Interesting suggestion on the restriction of Probe, Soly. That's certainly one to chew on.

Isn't MUD still getting more than 50% of win rate consistently? I don't think that unrestricting golem or chalice is a good idea by any means.

Merchant, fastbond are bad ideas with gush around.

Petal seems moderately safe, but allows degenerate plays so my answer is no.

Channel seemed interesting, but as somebody pointed, a green eldrazi deck would be a problem, not to speak of Emrakul's oath with S&T and 4 channels.

Windfall and ponder are probably my choices is something has to leave the restricted list. And I'd probably not send anything to that list, but gush removes diversity of blue decks just because it's a terrific draw engine and far beyond that. I like Soly's proposition of restricting Probe, and I'd also restrict Misstep, I don't like the card at all.

But I expect: no changes

Don't touch it this time around

It is interesting that the main data cited relates to Workshop decks (being quite successful), and yet discussion is more heavily focused on instants and sorceries. That being said, most of the discussion relates to un-restricting cards, which feels very positive!

Favourite decks/cards aside, looking at the format as a whole, does anyone feel like there is a card (or cards) that need to be restricted, and there is sufficient data backing the claim?

Restrict Oath, FoW, Mishra's Workshop, and Bazaar....unrestrict fastbond, demonic tutor, necropotence.

Fun meta it will be.

If the restricted list is based at all on Diversifying the meta, then Gush should get the Axe again, and I still feel that Lotus Petal and Windfall are fine. Ponder is too strong. IMO Preordain and Git Probe are restriction worthy. Too much deck manipulation is a thing, it should still be a "random" card game, and if it was what some ppl want (4 gush, bs, ordain, ponder, git probe, merchant scroll, 1 acall, cruise, dig) leaves you with essentially a 20 card deck. You would "draw" your deck faster than Dredge with almost fewer lands. Channel is way too powerful with Eldrazi. Turn one ESG channel into a TKS and Null Rod or Thorn is just GG.

My guess tho is nothing will change.

The fact that some folks think Merchant Scroll is unrestrictable I guess just reminds me how deeply perceptions are shaped by experience, and what an old man I've become 😛 In 2008, I believed that the card that most deserved restriction was Scroll, not Brainstorm, Ponder, Flash or Gush. Unrestricting Merchant Scroll seems more plausible in an environment with 4 Misstep and 4 Flusterstorm, but I still believe it's one of the best tutors in existence. From a purely metagame-diversity standpoint, I do believe that Flash is unrestrictable. It might not create alot of fun games, but I don't think there is any chance that it would dominate. Every Flash combo today relies too heavily on the graveyard, and we have too many good anti-graveyard cards for it to be a real threat. Especially with Scroll and Brainstorm restricted, and people playing maindeck Pyroblasts.

@xouman said:

Channel seemed interesting, but as somebody pointed, a green eldrazi deck would be a problem, not to speak of Emrakul's oath with S&T and 4 channels.

So what if it spawns a new archetype? Green Eldrazi would be super cool in my opinion. As long as the pillars are balanced, it doesn't matter if the individual card choice is broken. We all know Workshop and Bazaar are broken, but they enable independent archetypes. I think one consisting of combo-fatties would be fun, and could easily be metagamed against if too disruptive. It would make FoW more relevant again, which is probably a good thing.

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Unrestrict Brainstorm.

Restrict Gush.

There are a lot of other cards in the restricted list that are jokes compared to cards currently legal as 4-ofs.

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Cards to restrict:
None right now, the meta is still shifting a lot. I'd love it to settle first.

Cards to unrestrict:
Below are my picks for very likely safe cards, two of those should be unrestricted. Alphabetical order.

  • Channel
  • Flash
  • Imperial Seal
  • Memory Jar
  • Ponder
  • Windfall

Time of the full on only spells and mana decks is pretty much over I think. I don't see a deck with 4 Ponder 4 Preordain and running multiples of Windfall (which was always the card #60 in storm builds recently). Memory Jar's mana cost is also prohibitive, and if it is ever included then as a one-of Tinker target.

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