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I really can't tell anymore if this is good, but with people brainstorming hellbent shops with Ghirapur Orrery this seems like it can make for a lovely curve.

It is a body, it makes your 4 drops playable off just a shops, it fights spheres in the mirror.

I mean an opening turn of Shops, Mox, This, Sphere could lead to a really strong turn 2 where you have Orrery online already.

Alas Semblance Foundry, we hardly knew ye.

I don't see this as being really very good unless we've got new desire to combo with Sensei's Diving Top. Shops needs to punish the opponent, not make itself cheaper.

Maybe in Legacy Affinity...? Maaaaybe?

Anyway, I love the card in casual and I'm still so stoked about the Second Coming Of Our Lord and Savior Urza's Saga.

EDIT: Also this sees no play
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The "I drew all my combo pieces" version of Sensei Sensei's combo is down from 3 mana and 3 cards to 5 mana and 3 cards. Success?

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I mean, sculptor is Blue, cannot be played off a shops, and is a much worse clock, so I could argue that Inspector has much more going for it than sculptor.

I will note the Construct Tribe is getting better and better.

Chief of the Foundry
Scuttlin' Doom Engine
Hangarback Walker
Lupine Prototype
Steel Overseer
Mindless Automaton ...

Cavern can reliably be set on Construct now and many of these things have synergy with each other ...

@nedleeds I won a Legacy Tribal Wars event (minimum 20 creatures same tribe) a couple of months ago with Constructs on a Cloudpost engine.

I don't know where the home for this is, but as @Protoaddct pointed out, this seems pretty good off of the shop + mox + sphere hand. The issue it has in any of the current builds is that it doesn't provide any disruption. I was thinking perhaps this could be a solid addition to the tiny robots engine: play all the dudes for free after clamping!

If shops wants to pick up null rod again for whatever reason, this can help mitigate some of the symmetry.

This card is great. No idea where it goes, but it'll find a home.

Yeah, I dig the cost/body/effect ratio, but I don't think there's any currently-played list it slots into.

The way I have tiny robots built right now, it just wouldn't want an effect like this ... but that doesn't mean you couldn't build the list in a different way that really takes advantage of it (higher curve? no Memnites? splash green for Glimpse of Nature?)

Cheif of the foundry, this guy and genesis chamber in a deck with skullclamps and cantrip artifacts seems interesting at the very least.

Well, it's a cmc 3 creature for Birthing Pod. Aritfact creatures are little thin at 3.

@desolutionist said:

Well, it's a cmc 3 creature for Birthing Pod. Aritfact creatures are little thin at 3.

one more to pod into lodestone

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