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I missed this card when it was spoiled, I think I discounted it because it looks like draft fodder and then I reread it. This is REALLY abusable with repeatable discard effects. I am not sure what existing list could abuse this but you get every copy of this card back whenever you play a mox or even an artifact land, so it can easily turn looting engines like Dack into massive CA machines, similar to how Squee use to work but now based on a repeatable trigger instead of once per upkeep.

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Squee sees no play and is just as good when it comes to once a turn effects.

Are there any looting or other profitable ways to discard cards multiple times in a single turn involving deploying lots of artifacts?

I did some research and I feel like there's only two answers:

Lotleth Troll gets counters for each Mox you deploy. Seems like a troublesome way to make a Vinelasher Kudzu.

Survival of the Fittest lets you turn each Mox into a tutor by paying G. That's not bad, but Survival strategies see no play.

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well stuff like this helps: alt text

Red actually has a large number of cards like that, plus wheel of fortune. If you can combine them with mana rocks of various sort you can get some sort of engine going to power a grapeshot. I know that feels more like a modern storm list than not but I'm just saying we are already playing the artifacts this guy needs to be abusable.


Play cathartic (card + 2 cards) -> fluster : you lose 3 cards for 1, paying U and you lose 2 mana. Better than ancestral

I'd love those kind of cards to be playable (I'm in love with faithless looting), but those "additional costs" are too much for a format with countermagic.

Daredevil seems cute, but not only suffers from grave damage, it's hard to make it work because lots of those "draw and discard" cards give already few advantage. See thirst (no CA with this), dack (0 CA), faithless looting or frantic search (-1 CA). Even ensuring an artifact into play they improve, but you are already playing bad cards to make this work.

I'm just brainstorming here, that may not have been the best example. But this card reeks of engine and I think there is potential there. There is no discard a card make an artifact token thing yet right? Sliversmith is all I found but that is nowhere near impactful enough, and zombie infestation does not make artifacts.

I may play around with this as an engine for monored storm/belcher thing though and expand from there, I think this is abusable enough that it merits looking, and if not in vintage it could be legacy viable in all in red.

4 Ovalchase
5 Moxen
4 Chrome Mox
4 Mox Opal
1 Lotus
1 Lotus Petal
1 Sol Ring
1 Mana crypt
1 Mana Vault
4 Simian spirit guide
4 Faithless looting
1 wheel of fortune
4 Defense grid
4 rite of flame
4 Grapeshot
4 Burning Inquiry
4 Gamble

Yeah, I mean, this is a Cog. It's a card that does something unique and its worth knowing about, but it has no machine in which to put itself at the moment. it doesn't work in Vintage playable builds right now. I plumbed the Gatherer today and came up blank on things to do with him. If that one card from Mirrodin that was Survival of the Fittest for 1 cc artifacts allowed you to pitch creatures, you'd be in business, but that requires artifacts to pitch. So... yeah.

You know what it most reminds me of? That one Zombie from... M13? The one with Liliana of the Dark Realms? There's a Zombie that comes back to your hand when you play a swamp. Loads of fun in casual with that one blue Illusionist that lets you pitch a card to get basics (forget his name, too!) but totally unplayable in Vintage.

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