[Free Podcast] So Many Insane Plays 51 - Q1 2016 Metagame Update


Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian break down the 2016 Q1 Vintage metagame, including Paper and MTGO tournament results.

(Duration: 1:24:18 — 63.9MB)

0:01:00: Announcements
0:04:30: The Paper Metagame
0:30:45: The MTGO Metagame
0:57:10: Metagame Implications
1:15:00: Listener Feedback

Show Notes
– Back to the Future: An Introduction to Old School Magic
– January MTGO Vintage Premiere event metagame breakdown
– February MTGO Vintage Premiere event metagame breakdown
– Asian Vintage Championship

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Fantastic as always - this was a real pleasure to listen to.

I'd like to add a little bit about Pitch Dredge over the past few months. I don't consider this an omission on the part of Kevin and Steve because they really have to cover the entire metagame and can't afford to delve incredibly deeply into every archetype. I think they did an absolutely phenomenal job in this episode laying out what the format looks like right now and analyzing why that might be the case.

There's been a major shift over the past few months in the realm of Pitch Dredge. Historically the overwhelming majority of Pitch Dredge play online has been myself followed by Lance Ballister (vaughnbros). Recently we've seen that player base broaden dramatically and an inversion has occurred within the Dredge archetype. Now, the majority of the Dredge decks cashing events are some variant of Pitch Dredge and/or some transformational sideboard plan. For example the current MTG Goldfish metagme http://www.mtggoldfish.com/metagame/vintage/full#online shows 9 traditional "Dredge", 7 "Pitch Dredge" and 3 "WUBG'" decks that are Lance's take on a transformative plan featuring Hermit Druid. The bottom line - transformative Dredge decks packing Force of Will are typical for Dredge finishes in Daily Events. This is a major shift with long-term ramifications.

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@ajfirecracker Thanks for your compliments and additional detail. Fascinating stuff continues to happen for multiple archetypes online.

Just wanted to say that I loved this one. I've been incredibly busy with life and haven't been able to attend as many events as I'd like to over the last few months, so it was great to listen to you both unpack the results of the past quarter. Hope there will be more soon!

Love the cast so far. At approximately minute 35 you are talking about odd oath and how Void Winnower has 0 top 8s in paper events...I think some results are missing. About 2 months ago, I won a 35 man event with 2 card monte. Beating Brian kelly oath in the finals which sported Griselbrand/Winnower/Salvagers. In game 2 I actually stole Winnower via activating Helm of Obedience 😉

Sorry for the double post. But additionally, the Landstill Oath deck was put together by me, and I won an event with it, which then it started showing up online. I don't like calling it oathstill because it's a landstill deck first and foremost. It uses oath to trump Gush and shops strategies.

I don't believe shops nerds a restriction at all. Thanks for all your time and hard work guys!

@tattoocek Yes, we're only as good as the results that we can find. Was the tournament in question reported here?

@CHA1N5 the wins with landstill oath and 2 card monte were both reported on the old TMD interface. I'm sure it'll get switched over at some point. Let me see if the card store put the results on their website which I could also link...


There's a full report if you scroll down on their home page. The event happened on 2/20 and there was exactly 30 players with me beating kelly oath in the finals. And like I said it had 1 Winnower 😉

And I understand gathering results is tough. But keep up the good work, the podcast was sweet!

Amazing episode as always, I devoured it quickly and I'm excited for the new set review.

I love the metric that you created for weighting results, thank you for putting this together. The Metagame updates are always my favorite podcasts, keep up the good work.

Steve, I liked your analysis of Workshop history and for whatever it's worth, I thought that East Coast Wins was what pushed out Espresso in 2011 at least on the East Coast as Shawn Anthony was spiking tournaments left and right.

I think it might improve the quality of the analysis if you were to break out the Workshop pillar into various archetypes in the future.

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