Hum, this looks beautiful

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There will be "Expeditions" every set now: Masterpiece Series

+1! Usually I stick with the oldest version of a card (fetches, duals, etc) but especially the Mana Crypt looks absolutely amazing!

Really like this. I cant really use these bc my shops deck has a jon foil theme, but I think its a great idea

Wow Mana Crypt getting a TON of love in reprints lately...isn't it odd for a card of Mana Crypts "stature" to see multiple reprints in less than a year?

We are kinda at the point where original printings are going to be way more impressive than anything else.

One would imagine we are going to see a reprint of Stuff like Mox Opal, Sol ring, Mana vault, etc as well. There are only so many compelling artifacts that merit this treatment. I will laugh uncontrollably if they print lodestone golem like this however, which is suspect is likely because it fits the sets theme.

Suspecting we'll see Crucible, Chalice, EE, Platinum Angel, Masticore... Off the top of my head. Remember, there will be more with the next set too.

I'm very happy to see each new set become a Time Spiral: Time shifted set. Will be fun for limited. Especially if the cards occur at higher frequencies. I can't invision Hangarback Walker (or the other decent rares to following) being as hard to pull as a expedition fetch.

And the artwork is incredibly gorgeous. That Mud Brown backdrop....

This is also a great way for Wizards to reward its dealers.

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@gkraigher said:

Especially if the cards occur at higher frequencies. I can't invision Hangarback Walker (or the other decent rares to following) being as hard to pull as a expedition fetch.

From the "Truly, a Masterpiece" Article:

"The Masterpiece Series will exist at a rarity higher than mythic rare. For example, in Kaladesh, you will open a Kaladesh Inventions card roughly 1 out of every 144 boosters. (Technically, the Kaladesh booster pack says the ratio is 1:2,160 cards.) This is slightly more often than opening a premium mythic rare. These ratios may change for future sets."


It feels like a mistake to make these cards that rare, and then print a set of 50 of them.

I love these for anything that is restricted and absolutely hate them for anything that is not. Dont sleep on the fact that 3 of the swords are reprinted in this set as well (surely that means 2 in the next)

Much like zendikar, they really seem to have front loaded this special set of cards with the best ones. I suspect the next set has Sphere, Thorn, Lodestone, maybe even wormcoil, and the 2 missing swords

Im a fan of reprints, but I dont like the look of any of these. The borders and most of the art are ridiculously busy. It draws your eyes away from what should be the focal point of the card art.

This set is absolutely insane...

These reprints are pretty much what I wished the Expeditions were, I really didn't like the weird card frames and the art wasn't that intriguing. This is something different.

But moreover, we are getting cards that will definitely play to Vintage more than any other format, I mean, cards that are "meh" in Standard or Modern become far better in Vintage... Not the biggest deal but made better with the density of free artifacts that float around the format:
alt text

@Dumpsterac1d yeah I saw that card, and this

alt text

and said, these two uncommons are actually decent. Good enough probably not, but they do fill rolls.

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@gkraigher I saw that one too. Not absolutely amazing, but card selection gets better in the early turns if you managed to slam this. Survives bolts too, gets you some life when blocking a bear? More than just OK in a deck that already runs Agent of Bolas.

@mickey.nobilis said:

More printings of Vintage staples is always a great thing.

Indeed. I'm really happy that Wizards is comfortable printing non-standard legal cards in new sets. This would have been unfathomable decades ago. But tinkering with rarities and card frame design makes this an easier pill to swallow. These cards are really beautiful as well. The border designs are evocative of alterations I've seen that enlarge the art. Unlike the Expeditions, the border art here simultaneously frames and interacts with the card art. Really well done here.

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I don't get why anyone would want these instead of the original art.

Foileffect looks like this, so I am still unsure if I am about to get excited. Interesting note is the Priniting of the Vintage fast mana, so they didn't forget about the Format as it seems.

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