A better way to post pictures.

If possible I would really like a way to access files directly on my phone, tablet, or pc. Instead of having to upload it somewhere else and have an image link. This would just be an ease of use thing, but would make me a lot happier.

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so, to access a file and put it on site, ultimately that means the file is going to have to be saved on TMD Servers, which wouldn't be ideal if people started posting hundreds of hi-res pictures of their decks 😄 but that might still be possible, and there might be a compromise solution where we have an integration or plugin with imgur or photobucket or something, so you wouldn't have to leave the site to upload and post

If there's any similar ideas I'll take them!

@Brass-Man I guess that is the issue I have, if I have to take extra steps sure I will but having to leave the site to do this is the issue.

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